REHAU shares their experience of exhibiting at MosBuild 2019

Andrei Beloyedo shares his experience of exhibiting at MosBuild 2019

Andrei Beloyedov, Executive Sales and Marketing Director, REHAU in Eastern Europe, shared with us experience of exhibiting at MosBuild 2019 and reaching several company goals during the 4 days of the trade show.

"This year, we're not just representing the product zone, we have several goals at our stand. The first one is to display our updated branding within the design of our wonderful stand.

"Obviously, we're also showcasing our latest products to clients and partners. And most importantly for us, we’re using a new way of communicating with our partners - the Global Window Forum, that we're organising with MosBuild, as we think the show has the extensive, high quality traffic of professionals we’re looking for. It’s the first format like this in the windows industry.

"There are a lot of people here; we didn’t expect such an influx. We're very much satisfied with the exhibition and hope that every two years we’ll be taking part in MosBuild with our partners and all the companies in the windows industry. We hope those from the regions and remote areas have a chance to get here and get access to high quality content and new products on offer from window companies.

"Apart from the new design and branding, the REHAU stnad is showcasing new products. We displayed a wide range of entrance doors and windows for low-rise construction, because this sector is growing. Even though the number of submitted square meters is slightly going down every year, low-rise construction is still growing.

"The products are in demand, so we showed our innovations in décor and colours, with different types of openings, in various size options, for example, the so-called REHAU Tsar window, a big one. Some samples displayed are focusing on the safety.

"We have a child-safe handle, which cannot be opened by under 5s. There are several kinds of ventilation. This issue is not yet very well worked through in window industry. Very good air-proof windows are installed, and the air ventilation is broken, badly influencing the microclimate in the room.

"We also wanted to show BIM-models for builders and architects, who use them for price model and model testing in various projects. That's why we have a separate station for BIM models for windows and tubes, so once again we have shown our construction concept here, and slightly expanded our capabilities from colour sheer constructions to tubes, and furniture components that we are also offering at the market of construction materials."

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