10 innovations to discover at MosBuild 2019

Discover the very latest innovations in the building and interiors industry this April at MosBuild 2019.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the most cutting-edge developments on show.

Photo courtesy of Jaquar

1. TumbleRain Shower Head by Jaquar

The TumbleRain is an innovative shower system where the bowl fills with water before tipping and overturning the water out. This automatic system ensures the shower head does not accumulate water, limescale, or bacteria.

Find Jaquar at stand N153, Hall 15, Pavilion 3

Photo courtesy of MIR

2. Mishutka Interactive Wallpaper by MIR

The highlight of MIR’s new children’s collection is this interactive augmented reality wallpaper. Using a smartphone app, the characters on the wallpaper come to life. The wallpaper is made using EcoDeko environmentally safe raw materials.

Find MIR at stand L533, Hall 13, Pavilion 3

Photo courtesy of Progress Profiles

3. Prolevelling Transparent Rotating Pommel Cap by Progress Profiles

Progress Profiles’ prolevelling system is a revolutionary an innovative system to make laying flooring and wall tiles quick and easy with just two elements (a leveller and tie rod). The collection comes in a complete range of levellers in a cross shape, a T shape, and linear form from 1,2,3 and 5mm for floor and wall tiles ranging from 3-40mm thick.

Find Progress Profiles at stand D477, Hall 4, Pavilion 1

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore & Co

4. Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X® paint by Benjamin Moore & Co

This top-performing, one-component latex coating has been designed specifically for commercial premises that see intensive wear and tear. The extremely durable paint provides surface resistance to abrasion, is odourless, doesn’t require pre-mixing and has no restrictions on shelf life after mixing. The composition of Scuff-X provides high resistance to any contamination and is easy to clean with ordinary soapy water.

Find Benjamin Moore & Co at stand K325, Hall 12, Pavilion 3

Photo courtesy of Eko-Okna

5. Smart Glass by Eko-Okna

This smart electrochemical glass can turn opaque or completely transparent in just a few seconds. The effect is achieved by applying a voltage of 65-110V to a special multi-layer liquid crystal film deposited on glass or part of the triplex. The glass can operate in conditions from -40 to +90°. The glass offers protection from prying eyes without curtains and blinds, protects against ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and provides increased noise insulation due to the triplex structure and increased thickness.

Find Eko-Okna at stand G443, Hall 7, Pavilion 2

Photo courtesy of Technology Kitchen

6. Technology Kitchen by Newform

This sink mixer tap has the additional function of providing both boiling water and filtered water. The system instantly heats water up to 100°C, ideal for making hot drinks, washing heavily soiled items or sterilising.

Find Newform at stand N425, Hall 15, Pavilion 3

Photo courtesy of Jaquar

7. Showertronic iv 6 electronic panel control by Jaquar

The Showertronic electronic thermostat is designed for installation in shower panels, cabins or baths to adjust the temperature and water flows. Additional functions include automatic start, pause mode, automatic cleaning, the ability to save settings, thermal disinfection, and malfunction alerts.

Find Jaquar at stand N153, Hall 15, Pavilion 3

Photo courtesy of Nofer Rus

8. Concept3 by Nofer Rus

Nofer Rus’s Concept3 is a contactless, aluminium hand dryer, soap dispenser and tap rolled into one. Activated by a sensor, water flows when hands are placed beneath, soap is dispensed if hands are placed slightly to the right, and the dryer is activated on the sides. The device turns off automatically a few seconds, making it ideal for public places.

Find Nofer Rus at stand N451, Hall 15, Pavilion 3

Photo courtesy of EOS Sauna

9. EmoTouch3 management system by EOS Sauna

The EmoTouch3 control system monitors all equipment in up to eight saunas with a single device. The system can be installed up to 30m from the sauna and includes a control panel, a power unit, a temperature sensor, a 5m long cable, and accessories for installation. The system also features a child lock mode, access restriction, a weekly timer, and personalisation.

Find EOS Sauna at stand M619, Hall 14, Pavilion 3

Photo courtesy of Eglo

10. Manfria HD outdoor light and camera by Eglo

With the Manfria HD light and mobile app, you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Made of cast aluminium and with lamp power of 12W and luminous flux of 1000lm, the Manfria has built-in speakers, and a built-in memory of 16 GB. The device has a night light function, a motion sensor, a camera viewing angle of 180°, and dust and moisture protection of IP44.

Find Eglo at stand K653, Hall 12, Pavilion 3

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