Trend Gallery by AM-Group at MosBuild 2022

‘Era and Style’ — AM-Group Showroom Concept for 2022

In 2022, MosBuild will feature another project by AM-Group, the Exposition’s participant and partner. Trend Gallery by AM-Group is a unique showroom for demonstration of plumbing trends and ready solutions for bathroom design.

The theme, ‘Era and Style’, emphasises that the showroom will feature a number of diverse styles to inspire MosBuild 2022 Exposition visitors with a wide selection of interior solutions.

Trend Gallery by AM-Group

Collaboration with Designers and Architects

Trend Gallery by AM-Group will feature seven sections in different colour schemes and use plumbing products of such Italian brands as Artceram, Cisal, Stella, Bertocci, MOMA Design. AM-Group showroom will be designed by both experienced and aspiring designers and architects.

Pavel Zheleznov and Ivan Pozdnyakov (P+Z Design Bureau), who have been involved in many private and public interior design projects over the past 15 years, were invited to design the Trend Gallery by AM-Group at the 27th MosBuild International Exposition of Construction and Finishing Materials. “The architecture of the showroom proposed for AM-Group is inspired by the aesthetics of a European medieval city with dense block structure, small squares and narrow streets. When placed next to each other, the volumes of simple and familiar shapes with natural textures in terracotta tones create visually friendly and memorable image. Each block resembles the adjacent one, but is unique in terms of height and dimensions. On the inside, the blocks give complete creative freedom to interior designers. On the outside, the blocks are joined to each other to create a town square featuring a cosy cafe and a bar.” Architect Natalya Belonogova will develop the restaurant area design.

Diana Balashova, Alyona Zlachevski (QUADRO ROOM Interior Design Studio), Ariana Akhmad, Igor Kurkin, Natalya Belonogova offered interior solutions for the AM-Group showroom. Tatyana Morgulets and Anastasia Yukhnevich (Tochka Design Studio), the winners of ELLE Decoration Magazine and AM-Group Company contest, will also take part in the development of MosBuild 2022 Trend Gallery design project.

Details on the Trend Gallery by AM Group Project can be found here>>>

MosBuild 2022 will be held on 29 March – 1 April 2022 at Crocus Expo IEC

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