Evgeny Meituv: “Today, We Need to Continuously Adapt and Be Flexible”

On October 29, webinar "Organization of the Work of an Architectural Office" was held

Yevgeny Meituv, General Director of the Tsimailo Lyashenko & Partners bureau, told how the work in his bureau is organized. The event was moderated by Alexander Zmeul, curator of the business program for architects at the MosBuild 2022 exhibition.

For more than an hour, the speaker answered audience questions. We have chosen some interesting points. They might help someone to properly build customer and employee relations in their company.

How to organize work

"Every well-performing organization is unique. You need to understand the specifics of the team and find the optimal working code. Time will pass, things will change – you need to constantly adapt your bureau to the changes." 

How many employees do you need

"Several years ago, we gave serious thought to strategic goals. We do not want to turn into a large design organization aggressively making lots of typical projects. Neither do we want to be a small bureau lacking resources for good projects. We need the right amount of projects getting enough attention from the founders of the bureau – Aleksandr Tsimailo and Nikolai Lyashenko. In a short time, we elaborated our formula: to achieve the quality we want, we need about 100 people."  

How to find the right candidate

"Sometimes we post a vacancy. But when we need the best, the most capable, we fight for our staff: we try to pay special attention to the candidate if we like their portfolio. We always ask how they see themselves working in our office. However, later we can offer another plan."

What is an architect responsible for

"We are general planning architects. And we do not outsource this work. In our work, we are picky, we make all designs ourselves. The architect is the only one who is interested in the quality of the result. We are the only ones who oppose customers. We can spend an extra month, but the project will benefit from this – therefore we are always general design engineers. Supervision and design are all in our hands." 

Describe an ideal project

"We have a dream – we want to create a system for organizing space in one part of the city. We enrich a project with philosophy, then act as authors of architecture, create interiors, identity. Then everything turns out to be organic."

What kind of project will be rejected

"Do you mean the minimum volume of the object we will undertake? We are unlikely to work on the interior of an apartment or a small country house. But we made a small pavilion in Gorky Park because it was noticeable. There is no minimum scale, interest in a project may outweigh its cost." 

What is important when transferring rights

"We hand over all construction documents to the customer. They acquire all rights. We only insist on the right to publish, because we want to boast of successful objects."

How do you plan on deadlines

"We always collect statistics to plan on the deadline. We have been collecting it for years. It is a modern market trend – to hurry up. We, on the contrary, procrastinate, thus we get our deadlines." 

What is most important when building your own office

"Today, you need to constantly adapt, be flexible. To work successfully, you need to design your office in advance." 

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