Focus on “Building Materials”

  “Building Materials” are consistently among the essential sections of MosBuild

It has already been quite some time that MosBuild visitors demonstrate their strong interest in the building materials displayed at the exhibition. In 2021, the size of the sector audience amounted to 30,630, i.e., 46% of all guests at the exhibition. 

Строителные материалы на MosBuild 2021Материалы для фасадов и кровли на MosBuild 2021

2021 stood out for a real explosion in the prices of building materials and shortages with multiple items. Will 2022 prove to stabilise the market or bring new challenges? In any case, we should expect a difficult but interesting year. In such times, it is particularly important to keep in touch with your colleagues and customers, monitor the market situation, and build capacity for future orders.  

Litokol на MosBuild 2021"Альта-Профиль" на выставке MosBuild 2021

Exhibiting at MosBuild will provide exhibitors both with a high concentration of the target audience and:
  • Synergy with other market segments. 66,588 persons visited the exhibition in 2021. This is Russia’s largest platform to display building and finishing materials, textiles, lights, and decorations
  • Commercial profit. In 2021, 55,266 visitors (83%) were accounted for the buyers attending the exhibition in order to procure products and gather professional information
  • Wide coverage by visitors. The exhibition is attended by professionals from 82 Russian regions and 41 countries worldwide.
In 2022, the exhibition is expected to be attended by delegations of about 1,200 companies representing 40 countries and by over 70,000 visitors

MosBuild 2022 will be held on 29 March – 1 April 2022 at Crocus Expo IEC

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