«Building materials» sector will be one of the key at MosBuild 2021

Preferential mortgages are in fueling interest in housing of a new buildings; therefore, the construction industry is actively growing. And while experts are arguing about the consequences of the rush demand for apartments, we continue to prepare for the MosBuild 2021 exhibition in order to present to our visitors the best construction companies operating in the Russian market.
Participants of the «Building materials» section are manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum, wood, metal polymer, composite structures and panels, various materials for construction: concrete, brick, wood, glass, composites of building mixtures and building chemicals, protective and insulating materials, as well as stairs, fences, industrial floors and even finished timber houses.

MosBuild 2019Строительный раздел на MosBuild 2019
In 2019, 32,482 visitors (42% of the total number of visitors) at MosBuild showed interest in the products of this section. Among them, 76% (24 686) came to the exhibition in order to purchase products and gain information about these productes; and 59% (19,164) were CEOs or their deputies. Visitors who indicated their interest in building materials represented the following areas of activity:

13,624 wholesale and retail trade;
8,770 construction and design of buildings and structures;
3,248 design and decoration;
2,923 renovation and finishing;
650 property management and operation.
Registration for MosBuild 2021 is already open, and the number of e-tickets received is about the same as it was during this period of 2019. We have analyzed the product interest of future visitors to the Mosbuild exhibition: at the end of January, the top three sections are «Building materials», «Floor coverings» and «Plumbing». Moreover, interest in the section «Building materials» increased by 8%.

Döcke на MosBuild 2019Tegola на MosBuild 2019
Till date, in the section «Building materials» were already confirmed their participation such companies as : Alta-Profile, Döcke group of companies, KMEW, NLMK Group, Afkleader, Penetron Russia group of companies, Tech-Krep, TD Ceramics and Clinker, White Hills and many others. So, the exposition in 2021 will be rich and varied.

Alta-Profil is a manufacturer of siding, facade panels, gutter and drainage systems and street coverings, Alta-Roof shingles, PVC laminate, wall panels. The production holding Alta-Profile includes three automated plants, as well as a laboratory for innovative developments. Raw materials and finished products undergo continuous quality control.
The Döcke group of companies produces products for the exterior decoration of country houses: vinyl siding, polymer facade panels, PVC gutters, attic stairs and shingles. Three large industrial complexes have a total area of ​​20 hectares and can produce 10 million square meters of siding per year; 5 million lin. m of drainage systems; 3 million square meters of facade panels; 12 million sq. m of flexible tiles. There are 20 representative offices in Russia. The company has won numerous awards for its products.
KMEW is a Japanese manufacturer of fiber-cement facade panels, roofing and drainage systems. The coatings are not afraid of exposure to low temperatures, they are resistant to fading and mold formation, they are also fire resistant. KMEW offices in Russia are located in Moscow and Vladivostok .

Строительные материалы на MosBuild 2019Строительство на MosBuild 2019
NLMK Group is an international manufacturer of high quality steel products. The company's production facilities are in Russia, Europe and the United States; products are supplied to more than 70 countries. 100% of raw materials production and 94% of steelmaking capacity are located in Russia.
Afkleader designs, manufactures and installs hinged ventilated facades, as well as translucent structures, exterior doors and subway doors. The company's products are used in the construction of apartment buildings and public buildings, industrial enterprises and in the creation of transport infrastructure.
The Penetron Russia group of companies produces and supplies new generation materials for construction, repair, restoration and waterproofing of building structures. The holding includes factories of waterproofing materials in Yekaterinburg, Astana (Kazakhstan), Gomel (Belarus) and a scientific laboratory. The distribution network includes more than 280 companies in Russia, the CIS, Europe and Asia. Branches of the company are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kiev, Donetsk, Astana, Minsk, Riga, Tyumen, Surgut, Novokuznetsk. Materials of the Penetron-Russia holding are sold in 22 countries.
The Tech-Krep company is engaged in the production and wholesale of fasteners: dowel equipment, mechanical and chemical anchors, screws and self-tapping, metric fasteners, fasteners for thermal insulation, fasteners for roofs and panels, fasteners for windows and doors, assembly systems, furniture fasteners, rigging, rivets, finishing nails and clamps.
TD Ceramics and Clinker is a distributor of high-end German clinker and ceramics. Today it presents Feldhaus Klinker clinker, Stroeher steps and tiles, Laumans ceramic tiles, Regent thermal panels, Quick-mix building mixtures, ACO drainages and drains in Russia.
White Hills is a Russian manufacturer of artificial decorative stone, thin-walled facing bricks, paving slabs, steps and small architectural decor. All White Hills cladding materials are used for interior and exterior cladding in residential, public and industrial buildings. In 2018 and 2019, White Hills was awarded Industry Leader status. 
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