Interview with Ms Long Qingyu, General Manager of Exhibition Center of Foshan China Ceramics City Group

Long QingyuPlease briefly introduce Foshan Ceram Bath Event?

Long Qingyu: As Asian’s biggest ceramic and bathroom exhibition, Foshan International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair (Cerambath) has successfully held for 36 sessions. Gathering 800 leading brands of ceramic tiles and bathroom products from China, Italy, Spain and other countries, it’s regarded as the top trade window and become significant communication platform to display new technology, new products and new trends of the ceramic sector.

The highlight of Ceram and Bath industry will be showed in this event?

Long Qingyu: The 37th CeramBath Fair is confirmed to be held on April 18-21, 2022! The theme of this session is “World Ceramics · China Homecourt, Stage for Brands & New  Products”. There will be 5 highlights of the 37th CeramBath.                                                                   

cerambath - chinacerambath

① Multidimensional Cooperation

  • Fair + Government: Co-organize Cultural & Creative Products Area 2021.

  • Fair + Entity projects: link with CCC Venue & CCIH Venue for centralized & scattered display.

  • Fair + Trade: Co-promote with Guangdong Home Furnishing Exhibition & Trade Alliance.

②Authority Assistance

  • Jointly compile and publish the industry's first "Guideline for the Application of Selected Slabs in Real Estate (2021-2022)”.

  • Analyze the current status and development trend of slabs, scientifically classify slab products, introduce mature slab installation technologies in the market, and work with industry professionals to formulate its standards and installation acceptance standards.

③Channels Excavation

  • Deeply explore channels of distributors, designers, public decoration and international buyers.

④Accurate Drainage

  • Create 9 thematic areas to attract precise buyers, like Slab Hall, Featured Products Area, Caulking Hall, Auxiliary Materials Hall, Ecological New Materials Area, etc.

⑤Online + Offline

  • Through Online CeramBath, Super Live show Festival, and the "Tao Fun Live" platform, a new exhibition transaction path has been formed: online accurate promotion → online exhibits and brand strength display → online communication → offline exhibition transactions.

Please introduce the products and tech in the event which will be meet the demand of the clients from East Europe, esp. Russian?  

Long Qingyu: During the fair, there will be many new or hot-sale products like slab, artificial stone sanitaryware, heating tile, ecological stone, flexible ceramic tile, etc. 

For example, slab, which is also called sintered stone. It is made of natural raw materials through a special process, pressed by a press machine with more than 10,000 tons, combined with advanced production technology, and fired at a high temperature above 1200℃. It can withstand cutting, drilling, polishing and other processing processes, and is mainly used in household and kitchen board fields. Slab gets extremely hot in the market in recent years.

How the Russian visitors can participate in the event through remote and online channels?
Long Qingyu:  By visiting en.cerambath.org and www.chinaceramicscity.com, everyone around the world can join and find ceramic & bathroom products online.  Besides, 2021 Online CeramBath (Phase 2) will be held from Nov. 8th to Dec. 8th. Moreover, during the 37th CeramBath, which will be held on Apr. 18th to 21st,2022, we would organize a series of liveshows to show buyers the latest products, newest trends and designs.

Liveshow Dates: 16:00-16:40, Nov. 8th to 10th,2021 (Beijing Time)