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Tikkurila announced Color Now and main concept for 2022 palette

In November, by tradition Tikkurila announced the Color of the Year 2022. It is L478 Kestrel – warm brown with cold red tint, that is associated with softness, balance and force, according to the company.

We and Ekaterina Balon, Marketing Director of Tikkurila Russia, Central Asia and China, discussed on how popular brown palette is in interior and what other tints are included in 2002 collection and if they would be presented to MosBuild 2022 visitors.

L478 Kestrel – Color of the Year 2022

How popular and commercially successful are brown tints in modern home palette?

Brown is one of most often used and preferred colours in interior decorating. Designers and customers often select brown and beige as they create a tranquil atmosphere. In addition, brown tints are very nice for modern and classic styles. They can be used in finishing any space – large surfaces or small parts. Brown colour versatility can allow judging that it is a permanent classic and accepted in interior design in all times.

Scientists say, that human eyes can differ on average a million of tints that affect our emotional and physical state in different ways: increase pulse and breathing rate, excitement or relaxation. In the middle of XX century, Swiss physiologist Max Lüscher invented colour testing and identified over 4 thousand tints, colours that have the most active influence on a human.

Palette 2022 contains many natural colours: see-green, sand, pebble, clouds. Why they? Is this because of buyers’ request for a specific atmosphere?

The concept and colour collection of Color 2022 were developed by Tikkurila experts in special work sessions. Special attention was paid to emotions and associations that specialists want to express by Color 2002 L478 Kestrel. The collection contains freshness giving blue-green tints of sea and light tints, caramel-yellow colour that radiates heat even in case of lack of sunlight. Despite of the name, L478 Kestrel is an absolutely terrestrial and practical colour by energy while black X449 Licorice adds showiness and depth. Bring home more lightness like in a vacation by Color 2022. Tikkurila’s main message on the concept of Color 2022: A trip starts at home.

Does your company participate in MosBuild 2022 – will exhibition visitors see Palette 2022?

Every year Tikkurila announces Color Now and a trending collection reflecting the brand’s attitude to the world. Color collection 2022 will be in trend in the next year and also actively maintained in Tikkurila communication.

MosBuild 2022 is a significant event for the brand where we will tell you about novelties and trends, and Tikkurila Color 2002 L478 Kestrel.

Selecting Color Now – is it a part of Color Now initiative? Tell us more about it.

Color Now (Color of the Year) is Tikkurila’s annual project with the purpose to determine and promote colour trends facilitating new creative ideas and training on working with a colour. By this initiative Tikkurila inspires people for creating a nice atmosphere of everyday life and looking for new potentials with the help of colour of surfaces around us. Tikkurila’s Color Now campaign first started in 2016. Tikkurila’s Color 2021 is Y354 Cumulus: light blue tint of hope “Do not stop. A bright sky is ahead”. Tikkurila’ Color 2022 is L478 Kestrel – warm brown with cold red tint, that is associated with softness, balance and force.

Y354 Cumulus - Tikkurila’s Color 2021Tikkurila’ Color 2022

Tikkurila is a member of MosBuild 2022 that will take place on 29 March – 1 April in Crocus Expo. The registration is already open.

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