Designer Diana Balashova becomes MosBuild ambassador

Diana Balashova, one of Russia’s most prolific and influential interior designers, has partnered up with MosBuild to become its 2019 ambassador.

The designer will be heavily involved in the show’s events and projects including MosBuild’s online academy, on-site tours, Virtual Reality, and Perfect Home.

Speaking about the partnership, Diana Balashova said; “MosBuild is my ideal customer.”

“When I’m asked what my perfect design job would be I get carried away thinking of a house in California with an unlimited budget and a wealthy, forward-thinking client.

“But life turns out to be more interesting than daydreams. The organisers of MosBuild have offered the opportunity to create the perfect space. This is the dream design job: I won’t be limited by budgetary requirements or the client’s wishes, my choice of materials won’t be limited by logistics, and inexperienced builders won’t be able to ruin the flooring. And incredibly, this house can be anywhere, in any country.

“The design will be a virtual three-dimensional model. Accessible via a virtual reality helmet, the viewer will find themselves in the space, able to walk around the rooms and examine the details. In fact, they’ll be my co-designer, able to change the décor, the flowers, the prints from the collections that’ll be featured in the exhibition.

“All the materials and furnishings in the house will be completely real, meaning any idea used can be repeated in a real apartment or house.

“It’s an unprecedented project, which will involve the best visual artists and programmers. We have a lot of work to be done, not only on the idea and the planning, but the detailing must be perfect: the visuals should be completely photorealist. Every décor object and material will undergo rigorous work.”

Diana will be sharing her developments for this project onher Instagrampage, as well as the MosBuild Instagrampage.

The finished design will be presented at MosBuild at Crocus Expo on 2-5 April 2019.