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Amigo: New Collections of Zebra Series Roll Fabrics

Lotus, a new fabric from Zebra series, is textured as a combination of melange and voile. The palette consists of pastel colors: beige, light gray, dark gray, cappuccino, light brown, and white. The fabric width is standard 280 cm. It will look great on any window thanks to its light satin sheen. 

Another collection is Top, the future bestseller among Zebra roll fabrics. This is a combination of melange stripes on the main fabric and contrasting black mesh, almost invisible. Mesh makes the cloth visually lighter and adds contrast to the fabric pattern.

Amigo, Lotus, ZebraAmigo, Top, Zebra

Fabrics characteristics: width 280 cm, material 100% polyester, partly transparent, density 120 g/sq.m. Care – dry cleaning. Country of origin – South Korea.

Alma Tex: Three New Collections of Fabrics

Agora Esquire and Agora Panama – high quality drapery and upholstery fabrics delivering superior performance. The fabrics can be used outdoors. The company gives a 5-year guarantee for color resistance to fading.

Agora EsquireAgora Panama

Lino 100% is a new collection of linen fabrics produced according to the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). The fabrics are made from recycled materials using eco-friendly technologies. Linen is all-natural fiber characterized by high strength and wear resistance. Thus, the fabrics in this collection are environmentally friendly and have excellent hygienic properties – they are hypoallergenic and prevent growth and reproduction of bacterial and fungal infections. Lino fabrics are 100% sanforized, shrink-proof, they are good for curtains, tablecloths, or any other textile products. Width 280 cm, collection features 23 colors.

LinoCollection LinoAlma Tex

Set-Eco is a professional mercerized satin for table linen and decoration. Solid color, with a slight sheen. Wide 320 cm cloth made of 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Dyed with high quality European Indentreen dye. The fabric has undergone mercerization, a special fiber-strengthening treatment of cotton, making the fabric more resistant to mechanical stress and reducing shrinkage. Mercerized fabrics have stronger colors resistant to fading, and with proper care, they retain their original appearance for many years.

Franc Gardiner: Three Collections of Roller Blinds 

2021 New Blackout Colored Back – blackout roller blinds, one color on both sides. Absolutely light proof and opaque. Different shades of beige: natural (light beige), cocoa (warm, rich beige), and classic.

Blackout Colored BackFranc GardinerRoller Blinds

Day & Night blinds are made of double-layered fabric consisting of alternating transparent and dense stripes. With the help of a chain, you can slide them relative to each other and thus regulate the amount of light coming into the room. Day & Night roller blinds are presented in a new mint color.

Day & NightFranc GardinerDay & Night blinds

Mukko – modern high quality roller blinds. These are among the most expensive in the range but will serve you for many years. Durable fabric will not rip or wear out at the edges, it is easy to clean. Mukko are textured roller blinds, as if knitted from wool. There are four colors to choose from: natural, gray, white, brown. Permeability to light 40%.

MukkoRoller blinds MukkoMucco, Franc Gardiner

Magellan: Curtain Tracks and Sun Protection

Elegant and practical, Horizon curtain tracks are the perfect solution for a modern household. The system of profile curtain tracks is easy to install and use. Brackets look stylish and laconic. Railing ensures smooth sliding of the hooks along the entire track length. Horizon curtain tracks are produced in three colors: antique, satin, champagne. The design combines matte (railing) and glossy (caps, tips and brackets) finish.
Horizon curtain tracksКарниз компании "Магеллан"
Camouflage sun protection system is a novelty for window decoration and sun proofing. The new unique system involves fixing the fabric of the roller blind from the bottom. With the help of a special mechanism, roller blind can be raised to the required height. Design allows you to close the window only to the required height, and leave the upper part open, allowing sunlight to come into the room. The system is ideal for windows on the ground floors, as well as for houses built close to each other. Colors: white, cocoa, cream, peach, chocolate.

Espocada: Jacquard, Velvet and Curtain Lace in New Catalogs  

The Dominante jacquard catalog makes ideal offer for home textile decoration. All fabrics have a high cotton content. Their designs are hand-drawn, then digitized and elaborated. The effect of volumetric shining pattern in the fabrics was achieved thanks to the use of two warps. Patterns include both big rapport and small geometric ones. Crackle technique imitates cracked paint, dry leather, and plaster.


Velvet from the Moments catalog is meant for upholstery and drapery. Fabrics have high wear resistance: 250,000 Martindale test cycles. At the same time, the fabric is quite soft, as if plush: this effect owes to the Italian technology Airo®24, when velvet is exposed to hot dry air (Biancalani equipment). During processing, cloths collide, which increases fabric elasticity, it becomes more matte, soft, textured, its pile is not so unidirectional, which is especially important for upholstery fabrics.

Espocada MomentsVelvet from the Moments

The fabrics from the collection of hypoallergenic curtain lace Reflection are durable, highly functional, and easy to clean. The main quality of fabrics from the catalog is nonflammability, which uses, instead of proofing, a specially twisted fiber, with organophosphorus compounds introduced into its molecular structure. The unique characteristics are officially certified. Lightweight, yet quite stiff fabric is ideal for decorating commercial and public interiors – restaurants, bars, hotels, offices, as well as for premium residential spaces.

Reflectionshypoallergenic curtain laceEspocada


Corpsun: Bioclimatic Pergola, Various Glazings, Zip Screens

Bioclimatic, or "smart" veranda, is made of reliable natural materials protected against Russian weather conditions. Its smart design combines several engineering innovations: sliding walls and roofs, air circulation and light control systems. Pergola secures from snow, rain, cold, or burning summer sun. Waterproofing is guaranteed by the “anti-rain” system. Rotating lamellas can be moved with the help of remote control or smartphone. 

Bioclimatic pergola can be equipped with panoramic, vertical or horizontal sliding glazing of frame or frameless type made of the third strength class tempered glass. Correctly selected glazing will allow you to maintain comfortable temperature on the veranda when it is cold, or to draw walls apart and let fresh air and natural odors in when it is warm. Tempered 8 mm glass is secure from impact, and a special mechanism prevents it from slanting or falling out. 

Bioclimatic CorpsunCorpsun

Sliding zip screens can be automated and controlled remotely. Screens guarantee air tightness, protection from wind, draft, sun, insects. They can be adapted to any apertures. The screens are suitable for both Corpsun pergolas and stationary verandas. Special fabrics used in production of zip screens are odorless, fade resistant and easy to clean. They will protect your space from prying eyes, protect your privacy. A wide range of colors will allow you to perfectly fit this design concept into the architecture of your house.
zip screensSliding zip screens

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