Digest of New Releases from MosBuild 2022 Exhibitors

New Releases from Espocada, IVC Group, Krona Koblenz, UNION, VERONA mobile, Euro Decor, Tikkurila, Continent, and PALITRA

Products used in construction, renovation, and interior design are of particular importance today. The 27th Exhibition of Construction and Finishing Materials MosBuild presents a digest of new releases from its exhibitors including manufacturers and suppliers of floorings, doors and locks, kitchen furniture, wallpaper, mirrors, paints, interior fabrics and other materials, tools and technical solutions necessary for the construction of buildings and interior finishing.

You can review the digest of new releases from MosBuild 2022 exhibitors and visit the exhibition from 29 March to 1 April to see the widest supply of the construction and finishing material market live.

Espocada: New Collection of Velvets and Painting on Fabrics

The Moments velvet catalogue was especially noted among the new releases of Espocada presented for the first time at the annual Espocada Trend Week. That is the first collection of fabrics from Espocada which can be used not only for curtains but also for furniture upholstery.

Art Seasons от VenestoEspocada collectionEspocada Trend Week

The Art Seasons author’s collection by Venesto, a German brand that Espocada exclusively represents in Russia, was also displayed. Art Seasons impressed the guests with a bright and spectacular embodiment of fantasies about painting on fabric. 

Espocada Trend WeekEspocada: New Collection of VelvetsEspocada company

IVC Group, the Largest Belgian Flooring Manufacturer, Officially Presents New Floorings of 2022

Renowned brand Moduleo® will display an updated collection of super-durable LayRed engineered vinyl floorings featuring 20 wood and 10 stone effects at MosBuild 2022. Unique XL formats will be presented for the first time. The new collection reflects one of the key trends of the year — a combination of different textures. It was created according to the mix&match principle, which means that you can easily combine wood and stone, thus zoning the space.

Renowned brand ModuleoIVC GroupLayRed engineered vinyl floorings

New trendy designs will also be presented in the IVC Home’s collections of domestic and semi-commercial linoleums. The company’s booth will display products from the commercial segment — IVC Commercial — designed for use in commercial real estate and public spaces.

Door Hinges and Sliding Systems from Krona Koblenz

At the end of 2021, the Krona Koblenz factory prepared several new releases it plans to present at MosBuild 2022. The range of concealed hinges will be added to the K 1060 model. That is a reinforced version of the previous K 1019 hinge model. The 0500 sliding system has been upgraded to increase the maximum load up to 120 kg and integrate an ABS door closer. The innovative Atomika hinge series have also been strengthened with the K 8120 hinge based on a stainless steel ball.

Krona KoblenzSliding Systems from Krona KoblenzDoor Hinges from Krona Koblenz

Aesthetics of 3D UNION Finishes as a New Trend in Interiors

UNION has been one of the leaders in the door market since 1990. The company specialises in comprehensive interior solutions: doors, partitions, wardrobes, wall panels, and furniture. The entire range is combined with each other in style, materials, and colours, which makes it easy to match doors and furniture to the interior in the same style.

Aesthetics of 3D UNIONUNION3D UNION Finishes as a New Trend

UNION always strives for excellence with a focus on new ideas, European quality standards, and regular updates of the range. The brand is proactive in terms of interior trends.

Company UNIONUNION collectionUNION’s innovative approach

New textured 3D finishes reflect UNION’s innovative approach to interpreting conventional finishing materials. Adaptation to the needs of modern design together with continuity of the Doors and Furniture in the Same Style concept show a high level of aesthetics and functionality of all UNION products.

VERONA Mobili Will Present Its Upgraded Esmeralda Furniture Collection

The Esmeralda kitchen furniture collection is unlike any other. Its facades are made according to the original technology: the frame is covered with tulipier veneer, while the pattern on the central part — the panelling — is made using marquetry technology, a mosaic of veneer of several precious woods and natural mother-of-pearl. The main part of the panelling is covered with nut root or tangent-cut (a tangential cut is a cut when the cut plane passes tangentially to the annual layer of the trunk) myrtle veneer, which makes it possible to obtain a more pronounced wood texture.

The overall composition is emphasized with the upper and lower cornices specially designed for that model, “crown”, plinth, and decorative caps in the form of columns. The peculiarity of those elements is a combination of several colours: black, gold, and cherry, which makes the kitchen beautiful and elegant. The working area can be arranged as a hearth with an exhaust hood faced with natural veneer in the same style as the whole composition, while the countertop and decorative panels made of natural stone are organically combined with the genuine texture of natural wood. Coffered ceilings, made in the same style as the kitchen, turn it into a luxurious hall for receiving guests.

Esmeralda Furniture CollectionVERONA mobiliVERONA mobili company

The Esmeralda collection combines classic shapes with the most modern and high-tech filling. Electric drive mechanisms built into both the drawers and hanging shelves allow you to open and close doors with a light touch of your hand. Thanks to the convenient filling, the inner trays can be used to store a lot of things necessary in the kitchen in perfect order: dishes, cutlery, bulk products, knives, pots, baking sheets, pans, and other kitchen accessories.

The Esmeralda model is available in Radica di Frassino Miele finishing of honey tone, which gives the furniture a soft, tender, and romantic look. The central part of the facade in that version is made of ash root veneer, edged with zebrano and white maple veneer and highlighted with mother-of-pearl decor. The frame is covered with tulipier veneer.

Three New Collections of Euro Decor Wallpapers

Diva Collection

Sparkling, sophisticated, and elegant — the Diva collection design will become a real decoration of the interior of your house.

Euro Decor WallpapersDiva Collection

The intricate texture of the motif is decorated with precious bracelets full of diamonds shimmering with sparkling facets. The image of precious stones is created through the use of metallic, which serves as a “setting”, and rich, concentrated glitter as “diamonds” of different sizes.

The background of the collection is made in soothing colours and imitates a textile texture interspersed with satin.

Oxford Collection

Monumentality, solidity, spirit of the time, and history are intertwined in the design of the new Oxford wallpaper collection.

Oxford Wallpapers CollectionOxford Wallpapers Collection

The motif features large geometric shapes in the form of cubes. Their edges are outlined with metallic and have a texture that visually increases the height. The figure tops are covered with sparkling glitter and texture that has a satin effect.

The Oxford collection allover is an imitation of aged board with mother-of-pearl and metallic gold or silver veins.

The background is an elegant texture of saw cut tree, which spectacularly emphasizes and complements the allover.

Villa Riviera Collection

Gentle sun, azure coastline, and fresh breeze — an atmosphere of harmony and peace, embodied in the Villa Riviera wallpaper collection.

Villa Riviera CollectionVilla Riviera wallpapers

Spreading palm leaves are the main focus of the collection motif. The embossed texture imitates veins, while metallic makes the leaves shine.

The laconic monophonic background of the collection with a texture imitating plaster gives the interior a soft, calm tone, complementing the main motif.

Floral tropical motifs of the new Villa Riviera collection are an original solution that gives the space an atmosphere of comfort and harmony.

Continent Mirrors

Forest LED Mirror

Continent presents its Forest, a decorative mirror with LED backlight, decorated with stabilised moss. Decorative moss in the interior looks incredibly stylish, literally enlivening any room, harmoniously fitting into any interior. The Forest mirror is used not only as a decorative item and functional element, but also as a source of additional lighting in the room (halo and contour lighting). The backlight of the mirror turns on and off when you wave your hand in the range of the proximity sensor. The mirror is equipped with a brightness control function. Continent LED-mirrors meet the IP44 standard and can be used in rooms with high humidity. The backlight service life is minimum 50,000 hours.

Forest LED Mirror

Alma Mirror

The shape of the Alma mirror with LED backlight is simple and stylish at the same time: it can transform the interior in an amazing way and become one of its central parts. Halo lighting comes from the back of the mirror, beautifully illuminating the room with soft glow. The backlight of the mirror is turned on and off by a touch button changing the brightness of glow. Just like the Forest mirror, the Alma mirror complies with the IP44 standard and can be used in rooms with high humidity. The backlight service life is minimum 50,000 hours.

Alma Mirror

Elmage Mirror Cabinet

The Elmage mirror cabinet is a stylish single-door mirror cabinet with built-in LED backlight. The case is made of moisture resistant MDF coated with PVC film. The cabinet is equipped with soft closing hinges.

Elmage Mirror Cabinet

PALITRA Will Display Its Vinyl Wallpapers

PALITRA is the first vinyl wallpaper factory in Russia and one of the most powerful enterprises in the industry. In 2022, Palitra celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

Vinyl WallpapersPALITRA wallpaper factory

New collections of vinyl wallpapers from PALITRA produced using a unique dope-dye technology will be presented at MosBuild 2022. That type of wallpaper has non-woven base (German non-woven fabric) covered with a coloured layer of PVC plastisol over its entire thickness. That technology provides advantages for both interior designers and end customers:

Gluing without White Seams

The PVC plastisol coating is fully painted in the right colour, so there is no white seam when dyed wallpaper pieces are combined on the wall.

Gluing without White Seams


The dope-dyed wallpaper surface has anti-vandal properties: it is resistant to friction and scratches. Confirmed by laboratory tests.

Wallpapers from PALITRA


Dope-dyed vinyl wallpapers provide dozens of options for artistic combinations. Fans of bright accents will appreciate Monochrome, while followers of the Scandinavian style can take a closer look at Stories. Stylish textures of European linen, painted wall, or cast-in-place concrete will emphasize your individuality.

PALITRA factoryVinyl wallpapers MosBuild 2022

Facade Blue Pigment and Interior Paint from Tikkurila

Tikkurila Valtti Plus Color

Blue pigment for wooden facades based on renewable vegetable components. Easily absorbed by the wood, emphasizing its structure and forming a durable coating. Provides enhanced protection against ultraviolet and moisture, prevents delamination and cracking of the wooden surface for up to 8 years. 73% of the total organic carbon in Tikkurila Valtti Plus Color has been replaced with raw materials made of renewable vegetable ingredients. This approach is in line with the ESG principles that MosBuild, exhibition of construction and finishing materials, adheres to.

Tikkurila Valtti Plus Color

Tikkurila Harmony Care

Interior paint based on renewable vegetable ingredients. 30% of the mineral raw materials in the product composition has been replaced with vegetable ingredients. The optimal proportion of vegetable components in the product composition keeps up a high level of technical characteristics of the paint, as well as the wear resistance of the painted surface. Tikkurila Harmony Care creates a beautiful velvety effect on the surface, has a high covering ability, and effectively conceals surface imperfections.

Tikkurila Harmony Care

The MosBuild exhibition will take place from 29 March to 1 April 2022 at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre

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