Doors&Locks novelties at MosBuild 2021

Check out new Doors & Locks sector products which will be presented at the MosBuild exhibition on March 30 - April 2, 2021.

Дверная ручка PuntoInnovation from Italian factory Fimet Maniglie will be presented by Fivekeys.

The Punto door handle from the Italian factory Fimet Maniglie was awarded the Red Dot Design Award for outstanding design in April 2020. The idea and its development belong to the Italian designer Robby Cantarutti. Fivekeys is the exclusive representative of the Italian factory Fimet Maniglie in the Russian Federation.

Novelty from Megla

A new sliding aluminum partition Alba Trovare has been added to the Buone route sliding door system. Variations are:
• movable and fixed door leaf’s;
• door brakes with and without sliding system;
• "Synchro" system, "Telescopico" system for two and three canvases, “Telescopico synchronized” system for two and three canvases;
• several colors of profiles;
• hidden mechanisms and engineering elements;
• the maximum size of the canvas is 3000 x 1500 mm and more;
• the maximum weight of the canvas is 120 kg;
• suitable for glass with a thickness of 6-8 mm.

Двери Five keysперегородка Alba Trovare

A series of doors are now producing Factory "Alvero" and not individual products 

A series of doors "Verona" (versions: Standart, Select, Empire - premium). Italian samples were taken as a basis for this model. The volumetric pattern on the door leaf is based on the well-known European floral ornament. The panels are framed by a massive baguette. Only natural materials are used for the Verona series: solid oak or ash.
“Lazio” series (variants: Standart, Ambiente, Empire). Doors in neoclassical style - solid wood with elegant volumetric panels. In the Empire variation, the panels are decorated with carved floral patterns.
“Adele” series (“Alvero” oak door collection). The “Adele” doors are made up of alternating blind and glass horizontal fragments. In the “Adel-II” version, the transverse blind parts have a large area, and the glass inserts are narrower, can be used with black glass.


Дверь ВеронаДверь ЛациоДверь Адель

“Steel Line”: series of author's coating for doors

Стальная линия"Steel Line" - Belarusian manufacturer of entrance metal doors. The company has implemented more than 15,000 design projects and produced more than 2 million doors of various configurations and functions: with stained-glass windows, glossy, with 3D-panels, doors with noise protection, doors for the front entrance and "warm" doors "Husky".
Recently, the factory “Steel Line” has developed a series of author's coating for doors: SteelLak® Brilliant, SteelLak® Mother of Pearl and SteelLak® Chameleon. The material is suitable for decorative inserts and for finishing of the entire door panel. There are no analogues on the market.

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