Exhibitor case study: Dyo Boya, Turkey

Dyo Boya, a leading coatings and paints brand from Turkey has been exhibiting at MosBuild for a number of years.

We spoke to a Dyo representative to find out more about the brand and why they keep coming back to MosBuild.

Tell us about your company, what are your main advantages?

We opened our Russian division in 1996 in Krasnodar – Kemipex – and were the first to introduce Turkish paints to Russia. As well as exclusively offering the Dyo trademark in Russia, Kemipex started producing construction paints and varnishes in Krasnodar in 2010. The Krasnodar plant operates under Yaşar Holding and has a production capacity of 6,000 tonnes per year.

We produce products of the highest technological quality using the very latest global scientific achievements. We produce all our paints and varnishes in line with international standards and are regularly tested in laboratories according to ISO standards. Our paintwork materials come in 30 different series. The raw materials, equipment and packaging materials used by us are completely identical to those used at the factory in Turkey. We currently employ over 30 employees in the Russian division under the leadership of CEO Alkan Engin, and Dyo products are sold in more than 1,000 outlets across Russia.

We’re always focused on the requirements of our customers and dealers and fulfil orders as soon as possible. We try to find solutions to all kinds of problems. We believe what makes us stand out is:
  • production in Russia according to European standards
  • our own research lab since 1954
  • super concentrated and opaque paint
  • prompt response to the needs of the paintwork market
  • the flexibility of building partnerships

Why do you participate in MosBuild?

We come to expand our dealer network in the region, expand our customer base, and maintain the image of our company. In 2020, we hope to have successful negotiations with large construction companies, wholesale stores, and manufacturers of metal structures and machinery.

What new products will you be presenting at MosBuild 2020?

The LKM series for wood-based MASSIVLINE.

Who is your target audience?

Regional large stores, large construction companies, and manufacturers of metal structures and machinery.

How are your preparations for MosBuild 2020 going?

We’re completing our personal account and internally coordinating the project of representing the company and creating mock-ups for the stand development.

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