Exhibitor case study: RAVAK

“We pay a great deal of attention to the design of our products.”

Czech bathroom brand RAVAK has been presenting their comprehensive solutions for modern bathrooms at MosBuild for a number of years.

The brand is known for its original products that are stylish, practical, and well-constructed.

We caught up onsite at MosBuild 2019 with Svetlana Gremyakina, Head of Marketing at RAVAK Russia, who told us more about the company’s priorities and their experience exhibiting.

Why did you decide to take part in MosBuild and what are your objectives?

It’s the biggest exhibition of its kind in Russia and we think it’s vital to be here to show off our products and meet with clients. Our objectives are to present our new products to the market.

Who are you looking to meet at the show?

There are a few categories of clients we want to meet. Current clients that we’re already working with to show off our latest developments, then there’s new clients or potential clients that we can work with further, then there’s international clients such as DIY chains with whom we don’t have a relationship with yet so we’re trying to meet these people at MosBuild.

How has the show been so far?

I think it’s been very successful because we’re seeing a lot of people who are interested in our products and we’re having very active discussions on the stand, there are no free seats on the stand, it’s very busy. It all shows how positively people are relating to what’s going on at the show and what our brand is doing.

What are the benefits of exhibiting at MosBuild for your company?

Primarily it’s to show off our image, that’s our main objective. We are the Russian representative office of RAVAK, and we just want to be here to show that we’re here on the market and are close to our clients.

What are your reasons for expanding on the Russian market?

We’re a commercial organisation so it’s to gain profit and increase brand awareness across Russia. The market is very promising, so we are planning on expanding in Russia, and our office also covers Belarus and Kazakhstan. We have a lot of clients here and we hope to strengthen our relationships in the CIS.

How optimistic do you feel about the Russian market over the next three years?

It’s hard to say because it depends on the economic situation in the country. However, we think the market will elevate, we are optimistic; our sales are growing steadily, the population is slowly growing, so prospects for this market are quite high.

What is your competitive advantage on the Russian market?

Most important for us is our quality. On the whole we have the very highest quality. Secondly, we pay a great deal of attention to the design of our products, many of which are award winning and we’re proud of this. So, we’re able to offer top quality design and maintain mid-range prices.

What is your biggest challenge on the Russian market?

Lack of brand awareness is our main challenge. We’re very well-known in Europe but Russia is a big country so it’s quite hard to put across information about our brand. It’s harder to do than in European countries, which are smaller.

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