Exhibitor case study: Veika, Lithuania

“We really see the quality of MosBuild improving.”

Lithuania-based wallpaper material producer, Veika, has exhibited at MosBuild for a number of years. The company manufacturers innovative wallpaper materials and technologies: PVC-free and plasticiser-free EcodecoTM base material for eco-friendly wallpapers, a huge range of inks, coatings, and effects for the traditional wallpaper industry, and the unique DIMENSETM wide format digital printing.

Every year they use the show to promote their innovative products and technologies and make connections within the Russian and CIS markets.

We spoke to Arkadij Bliumin, Head of Business Development at Veika, to find out more about their experience at this year’s MosBuild 2019.

Arkadij, why did you decide to take part in MosBuild this year and what are your objectives?

Russia is one of the main markets for the wallpaper industry and we’ve been on the market for more than 28 years. At this exhibition we can meet all our customers and present new technologies, so it’s a possibility to present and promote our products not only to our customers but to all the market.

Who are you looking to meet at the show? Have you?

Firstly, it’s our partners, our customers – wallpaper producers. We’re also very interested in meeting retailers because they’re selling wallpaper and we can explain to them that we have a new eco-friendly category of wallpapers. We’re also extremely interested to meet designers because our advanced digital technology is an additional tool for designers and architects to create some new effects in interiors.

We invited our customers here; about 60-70% of our time is booked with meetings and the rest is dedicated to stand traffic.

How has the show been so far?

We’ve been exhibiting at MosBuild for many years and we really see that the quality is improving. We’re really happy that quite a lot of visitors are not retailers, not wallpaper producers, but enthusiasts and designers. We’re pleased that a lot of designers and architects are visiting the show and they’re interested in new technologies and something new, it’s really very good.

What are the benefits of exhibiting at MosBuild for your company?

It’s an opportunity for us to present new things for the next year for the Russian and CIS markets. It’s really great. For Russia, this is when the year starts.

Will you be expecting to return next year?

Yes, if there’ll be the same quality of things as this year and the same atmosphere, we’ll be here. In 2018, the mood of the visitors was quite down; people were talking about the crisis, but this year it’s significantly more positive. In general, I like this year’s exhibition much more than in previous years. It’s not about the preparation of the exhibition or the stand, it’s about the mood of the visitors. They’re coming to find something, they’re more creative, and they’re not just thinking about surviving.

What are your reasons for operating on the Russian market?

Russia is a crucial market for us because of the culture, they like to use a lot of wallpaper. It’s the second largest market in the world for wallpaper after China. It’s also very close to Lithuania and we know customers on the Russian market very well. We expect that next year we’ll start to export to Japan because they are the third largest wallpaper market.

How optimistic are you about the growth of your business over the next few years?

Last year we grew EcodecoTM by approximately four times. Our goal for this year is to grow our eco-friendly wallpaper category two or three times more. Everyone wants to be healthy and sustainable and this trend is extending to wallpaper too. We believe it will grow, in general we are really very positive.

What’s your competitive advantage on the Russian market?

We have no competitors of our EcodecoTM wallpapers. Our DIMENSETM digital printing technology is unique; there’s nothing else that can create the structure of wallpaper in register so thinly and properly. There is technology that can do that - UV technology, but the price per printed square meter is 20 times higher and it’s not ecological.

We are trendsetters, not in design but in technology, and people want to understand why this technology should be popular. I’m not just talking about wallpaper producers, but designers, retailers, and architects. Our goal is to show them, and we’re doing that, we’re educating the market.

What is your biggest challenge on the Russian market?

Retailers. We believe retailers and designers can have a huge influence on the growth of the market because of their proposals to consumers. Retailers should explain to customers that they can choose between PVC (with chlorine and plasticisers) or eco-friendly EcodecoTM wallpapers without these things. Give people the chance to make this choice.

How receptive do you find the Russian market to your products or brand?

Every year we see interest in our products growing rapidly. More and more retailers are coming to our stand, they already know our products and they see our new products. We’re also promoting Western European wallpaper producers who don’t have offices in Russia and are producing wallpaper with our EcodecoTM materials, which are proving to be popular here.

What advice would you give to other companies looking to enter the Russian market?

I would say talk and listen, try to understand what people want and need. But we are a trend-setter; we have broken several barriers. Educate the market on what you are doing. It’s not quick and easy.

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