MosBuild 2022 Exhibitor — First New Material Technology Development Co.

Interview with Zhuravlev Viktor, authorized representative of First New Material Technology Development Co. in Russia and the CIS

Виктор ЖуравлевTell us a little about your Company. How many years have you been on the market? What important stages of the company's development you can mark?

Zhuravlev Viktor: First New Material Technology Development Co. (First) is one of the largest modern enterprises that integrates the development, production, implementation and implementation of construction & installation works of new construction technologies and paintwork materials of unique facade materials that imitate all existing stone coatings. FIRST was founded in 1995 and began its activities in Russia and the CIS countries in 2016.
At the start of the business, the main priority was given to conducting product tests and obtaining appropriate permits, and of course, creating a sales network in Russia and the CIS countries and launching and implementing projects with a number of federal companies.

In your opinion, how have your customers' preferences changed during pandemic?

Zhuravlev Viktor: The use of stone coatings has always been preferred by many customers and we have tried to convey as much as possible our offer for the use of FIRST materials both on facades and indoors. For this purpose, we have developed a whole complex of providing information in electronic form and joint participation with customers, architects and designers in the visualization of selected materials at construction and reconstruction sites.

What new developments would you note in the production of your products?

Zhuravlev Viktor: In 2022, we offer a full series of coatings that imitate stone materials, applicable for indoor premises with a fire hazard class of KM0, and we plan to launch functional dry mixes and innovative products — FirstI thermal insulation decorative panels on the market.

First New Material Technology DevelopmentFirst New Material Technology

Please tell us about your new products.

Zhuravlev Viktor: Thermal Insulation decorative panel First. It is an innovative thermal insulation product with a decorative function. It gives the building insulation and a high-quality finishing effect in the form of natural stone and aluminum plates. Significantly reduces its own weight by 2-5 times and saves the cost of building materials and work costs. It is widely used for residential and commercial buildings, stylobates, stadiums and arenas.

What role do exhibitions play in your company's strategy? 

Zhuravlev Viktor: Our company's participation in exhibitions primarily provides an opportunity to convey to our customers, partners, potential customers objective information on new products, delivery conditions and pricing, as well as receiving feedback on all aspects of activity.

Why did you decide to participate in MosBuild? What is the main idea, which audience do you want to attract at MosBuild 2022?

Zhuravlev Viktor: We plan to attract federal and regional developers and customers to our exhibition stand. Provide comprehensive information on the products, their application and visual acquaintance with a number of materials.

What are your strategies towards Russian/CIS Market? What are the most important aspects for you in MosBuild exhibition? How do you choose what to include in your exhibition?

Zhuravlev Viktor: Our strategy is to join a number of large and significant projects in Russia and the CIS, where it is possible to combine stone coatings and FIRST materials and, of course, the most important thing is to show all our partners that the company is steadily developing and growing and is a leading professional and expert in its industry.

29 March—3 April 2022
Crocus Expo

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