Fuertai is a new exhibitor of MosBuild 2022

An interview with the new Chinese MosBuild 2022 exhibitor — Jiangsu Fuertai New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Tell us a little about your Company. How many years have you been on the market? What important stages of the company's development you can mark?

The head of our company had been in this market for over 20 years and we are the very new factory which set up in the beginning of 2021. But we already have our faithfully clients now.

In your opinion, how have your customers' preferences changed during pandemic?

Some of the clients want cheaper price and some of the clients need something new for them. Some clients who saw a very long term become much strict about the quality.

Jiangsu Fuertai New Material Technology Co., Ltd.Jiangsu Fuertai New Material Technology Co.

What new developments would you note in the production of your products?

We do much our effort on the quality control system and do much quality and safety training with our workers. We choose many new designs with famous design company to have more attractive designs.

Please tell us about your new products.

SPC herringbone.

What role do exhibitions play in your company's strategy?

Exhibition is the most directly way to communicate with clients and they could see our company’s image and our product’s quality. To attend exhibition will be our most important plan to extend the market.

FuertaiFuertai Company

Why did you decide to participate in MosBuild? What is the main idea, which audience do you want to attract at MosBuild 2022?

We hope to develop the Russian and Eastern European markets in depth, so it is very important for us to attend this exhibition frequently.

Our aimed clients will be SPC flooring importers and distributors, the wholesalers who attaches great importance to product quality.

What are your strategies towards Russian/CIS Market? What are the most important aspects for you in MosBuild exhibition? How do you choose what to include in your exhibition?

We are aimed to do “QC free” SPC flooring, so this will be our most important strategies. We wish to make more and more clients know about our factory and our excellent quality control. We will choose the latest new designs which suitable for Russian market to attract the clients and our factory’s production capacity and our best service to clients.

Fuertai at MosBuildFuertai at MosBuild 2022

MosBuild 2022 will be held on 29 March – 1 April 2022 at Crocus Expo IEC

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