What will the new office be like?

Three main trends in the development of post-pandemic office spaces were discussed by the participants of the round table "What will the new office be like?" at MosBuild 2021

Trend 1. Offices are here to stay. 

“I think that, to paraphrase the famous saying, we can say today, “The office is dead - long live the office!”. After the first wave of lockdowns, when everyone discussed whether offices would have a future at all, it became clear that they would,” said Nikolay Milovidov, Managing Partner of UNK Corporate Interiors. According to the participants of the round table, this future is ensured both by the desire of employers to see employees face to face and to monitor their work, and by the fact that many work processes, including creative ones, require live communication. Nevertheless, offices will have to reformat in accordance with the requirements of the time.

Mikhail MytzJury Lashmanov

Trend 2. Office as a means of fighting for employees

As Mikhail Myts, architect, founder of Plusarch, said more than 50% of employees still prefer to work remotely, while the employer already wants to see them in the office. This, in the opinion of the conference participants, will make the office one of the tools in the battle for human capital. According to Yuri Lashmanov, commercial director of Ascreen, employers will soon have to fight for employees with parks, cafes and shopping centers, and it will be an interesting fight.

Fyodor RaschevskiyJulia Hapkina

Trend 3. Hybrid formats. 

About 75% of meetings today are held in a hybrid format, which means that the requirements for meeting places are changing. If earlier the majority of clients voiced standard technical specifications for such premises, today architects see a growing demand for a variety of meeting rooms both for teams and designed for 1-2 people, which are equipped for online communication.  

Igor GretsovEvgenia Mikulina

Round table "What will the new office be like?" was held at the Architecture seminar hall of the MosBuild exhibition on March 30, 2021. It was also attended by Fedor Rashchevsky, Founder of Offcon, Yulia Khapkina, Leading Architect of IND Architects, Igor Gretsov, Managing Partner, General Director of GPGroup. The moderator was Evgeniya Mikulina, Chief Editor of DesignChat.com.

MosBuild 2022
March 29—April 1, Crocus Expo 

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