Interview with Jackie Fu, Vice General Manager of Topli Decorative Materials

MosBuild is one of the most professional exhibitions for us, its visitors are also very professional and serious. MosBuild is an ideal place for us

Jackie Fu— ​Tell us a little about your Company. How many years have you been on the market? What important stages of the company's development you can mark?

Jackie Fu: We are the first and the largest wallpaper factory in China since 1976, we have been producing wallpaper for 46 years. The first roll wallpaper was designed and produced in Topli in 1978.We have independent designer studio and technology center and over 30 machines. Annual production capacity reaches over 80 million square meters.

In your opinion, how have your customers' preferences changed during pandemic?

Jackie Fu: After outbreak of pandemic, our customers start to think more about sustainability and healthy business mode.

What new developments would you note in the production of your products?

Jackie Fu: Over the past 46 years, we are consistent in providing wall decorative materials solutions to our customers. We will invest more on more value-added project like new materials and new technology development.

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— Please tell us about your new products.

Jackie Fu: Our new product will meet taste of young generation, they are becoming main purchasing group in market.

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— What role do exhibitions play in your company's strategy?

Jackie Fu: Though online shopping in increasing fast in recent years, we still think exhibition provide a face to face communication platform to us, over there we can build up our relationship easier.

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— Why did you decide to participate in MosBuild? What is the main idea, which audience do you want to attract at MosBuild 2022?

Jackie Fu: Firstly, MosBuild is a famous exhibition in Russian market, it covers a wide range of Russian market; Secondly, our wallpaper from designs to colors are mainly for Russian market, so we think MosBuild is an ideal place for us.

— What are your strategies towards Russian/CIS Market? What are the most important aspects for you in MosBuild exhibition? How do you choose what to include in your exhibition?

Jackie Fu: Russian market is one of our important market, that is reason why we specifically design products suitable for this market. MosBuild is one of the most professional exhibitions for us, their visitors are also very professional and serious. These factors are very important to us.