Introducing the new Lighting Zone at MosBuild 2020

In a new project, designers explore the visual perception of space, transforming white cube architecture with lighting

The concept for MosBuild’s Lighting Zone was developed by architects from Moscow-based architectural studio RE, headed by Katerina Vinogradova. The design for the lighting solution will be done by lighting designer Vlad Oblasov, while lighting systems specialist Vitaly Pavlov, Head of the Russian office of ABV Löwen Rus (Germany), will implement the technical solutions.

RE studio designs interiors for public and residential spaces, country houses, landscape architecture and exhibitions.

Lighting designer Vlad Oblasov is a graduate of the March architectural school. A former specialist in technosphere safety, he now specialises in lighting in public spaces. He has worked on projects for Alexander Brodsky and Maria Kremer, the Meganom Bureau, Svesmi, Nowadays, and Saga. His lighting concepts have been implemented at the Museion Children's Centre at the Pushkin Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery in Kaliningrad, a hall in the Moscow Kremlin Museum, and Depot restaurant and Hydra bar.

Mr Oblasov says, “For the installation, we’ll use materials close to natural, and lighting scenes will become references to various natural effects: dawn, sunset, thunderstorms etc. Once inside, people can ‘hides’ from the city in thick layers of light, enabling them to distract themselves and recall something important and special.”

MosBuild’s organisers would like to express special thanks to Vitaly Pavlov, Head of the Russian office of ABV Löwen Rus.

The light installation will be created in partnership with the editors of Interior + Design magazine.

Experience the Lighting Zone project live at MosBuild 2020.