Join "Smart City" Conference on Thursday 20 August 2020

An online conference will take place as part of the project “MosBuild Online"

The event will take place on August 20, 12:00 am

Smart city technologies combine architectural and engineering solutions, they help make public and private spaces more comfortable, functional, and individualized.

Speakers will present projects developed in Russia and the UK. The audience will learn how smart city technologies allow implement new architectural solutions into a holistic urban environment, how developers solve infrastructure problems using technical innovations, and how smart city systems work for each individual and the urban community as a whole.

The conference includes three topics:

  • “Smart Cities Architecture” (Speakers: Christos Passas (ZHA), Andrew Asadov («ASADOV bureau»), Nikolai Pereslegin (Kleinewelt Architekten)

  • “Public spaces in a smart city” (Speakers: Oliver Smith (Gillespies), Evgeny Spiryakov (TECHNONIKOL)

  • “Urban planning in a smart city” (Speakers: Timur Bashkaev (ABTB), Maurice Rosario (Scott Brownrigg), Andrew Cockburn (Connected Places Catapult), Grigory Mustafin (Genplan Institute of Moscow).

Join "Smart City"!