Know How Café – a dedicated area for professional designers

Design experts to speak at MosBuild’s Know How Café.

Marcel Wanders, Sebastian Herkner, Pero Puljiz, Arthur Miranda and Jack Beck will be among the speakers at this year’s Trend Show.

Design will be given its own dedicated platform at MosBuild 2019 – the Know How Café. Last year, Red Dot Design Award winner Daria Zinovatnaya designed the space. This year, the project of the Know How Café lecture hall is being developed by young Russian designer Dmitry Samygin, whose works have already been shown in Paris and Milan.

The Trend Show events will start on 2 April with the presentation of the Perfect Home project at the Know How Café. Talks and discussions will be held back-to-back all through the exhibition.

Product Design session

Starting off the sessions will be key speaker Sebastian Herkner, Maison & Object’s Designer of the Year 2019, talking about the democratisation and individualisation of design. The second block of the session will be dedicated to desginers and manufacturers forming their own brand. The session will be moderated by Anastasia Krylova, Director of the Object Design Association (ASPD) and Chair of the Guild of Manufacturers, Suppliers and Design Industry Specialists at MTPP.

HoReCa session

The key event on 3 April is a talk by the prolific Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. This will be followed by discussions on designs for hotels, restaurants and cafés. Nataliya Belonogova, Ilya Tyutenkov, Sergey and Lyubov Sorokiny, Tatyana Odintsova, Anna Sysoeva, Irina and Olga Sundukovy, Denis Belenko and Yan Valyntseva will be among the speakers.

Development session

On 4 April, Croatian architect Pero Puljiz will speak at the session titled Innovative Architecture and the Trends of Modern Development. Aleksey Ginzburg and Boris Uborevich-Borovsky, as well as representatives of Capital Group and Vesper Group will also take part in the events of the session.

Regional Development session

Regional development is the topic of the final session, which will be held on 5 April. A round table discussion on Interior design press in the Russian regions: style and experience will start the day, followed by lectures from well-known Russian designers. The programme is prepared by the Moscow International School of Design.

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