Congratulations to the winners of the MADA 2022

Award Panel Members Note the Highest Quality of Shortlisted Projects

The best projects were selected by online voting. The contestants were offered to defend their projects live. In-person votes were cast by Alexander Balabin (Severin Project), Kirill Gubernatorov (Megabudka), Anna Kartava (DNK ag), Inna Krylova (Heritage School), Ivan Okhapkin (Basis Architectural Bureau), Sergey Trukhanov (T+T Architects), Julia Tarabarina ( Marina Yushkevich (Project Russia).

Category: Private Apartment Housing
Project: House in the Russian South (Rostov Oblast)
Authors: Dmitry Chaschin and Alexandra Chaschina

Category: Improvement and Adaptation 
Project: the ‘Letters’ Cafe (Moscow)
Author: Ilya Gulyants

Category: Public Interior Design 
Project: Kommunarka Information Centre (Moscow Oblast)
Authors: Igor Aparin, Serafima Telnyakova 

Category: Beautification and Landscaping
Project: the Klyazma River Embankment in Orekhovo-Zuevo 
Author: Alexey Vorobiev (Mezhregionstroy) 

Special Award courtesy of the Tikkurila Colour Studio
Project: The School of Future (State-Funded Educational Institution No. 2030)
Author: Yelena Tyurina (EduDesign Studio)

Award Panel members feedback:

Alexander Balabin: ‘All projects were of highest quality, and it was extremely difficult to select just one’.

Ivan Okhapkin: ‘These are great projects. I personally visited many of the sites and saw a lot of exciting places. I would like to thank all the participants for the fresh ideas’.

Inna Krylova: ‘There were many projects based on Russian architectural traditions. I would like to highlight the care and the sense of harmony with which these projects were developed’. 

Tikkurila Colour Studio is the official partner of MADA.
BRICKTILES is the partner of the nomination process.

Congratulations to the winners!

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