MosBuild 2019’s Architectural Forum – a must-attend event

Hear from some of the world’s best architects.

Christos Passas, Markus Appenzeller, Vladimir Plotkin, Sergey Skuratov and many other well-known architects, as well as representatives of real estate companies, government agencies and the media will take part in the Architectural Forum on 4 April. Moderating the discussions will be industry experts Valeria Mozganova, Anna Martovitskaya, Sergey Georgievsky, Mikhail Shatrov, and Alexander Zmeul.

The Architectural Forum on 4 April is set to explore accommodation and how we relate to it. The key issue is whether it’s possible to provide comfortable, high-quality accommodation at reasonable prices. We’ll discuss administrative and project approaches, issues of renovation and improvement of public amenities, the use of new materials and technologies, community management and other aspects related to accommodation. The forum will involve authorities, architects, developers, builders, manufacturers and suppliers of materials and technologies, as well as other representatives of the industry sharing their opinion and prospects for the housing development sector.


Key questions and issues to be covered include how architecture affects people’s quality of life, is sustainable architecture in Russia a marketing ploy, how to reinvest in the urban environment and can it be done, and does comfortable, affordable housing exist in Russia. Successful case studies will be shared and there’ll be a discussion on the real situation in modern architecture and the construction industry.

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