National pavilions at MosBuild – Serbia's experience

MosBuild is one of the most effective tools for national groups to increase sales volumes

We visited the Serbian national stand at MosBuild 2019 and talked to Nikola Janković, Senior Investment Advisor from the Development Agency of Serbia, to find out about thier experience exhibiting at MosBuild. 

Mr Jankovic said, “Representing Serbian companies is very important for us, since we are a governmental agency. We are supporting exports from Serbia, and Russia is of course a very important market.

"Russia is the third largest trade partner for Serbia, so it’s very important to be present here, especially in this industry, where Serbia has a lot of to offer. We have a wide range of different products in our national stand, and we have seen good interest from other companies.

"We have six companies here with different products. For example, we have a production of LED bulbs for different houses or factories. Then we have solid heating stoves - two different manufacturers and already some of those companies are  exporting to the Russian market.

"We also have a manufacturer of panels for buildings. Last but not the least we also have interesting products for treating public spaces such as parks, buildings, in front of the buildings, and so on, with different outdoor furniture.”

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