New exhibitor case study: Duplach, Spain

Spanish bathroom products manufacturers Duplach specialises in shower trays, meshes and valves.

The company took their very first steps on the Russian market by exhibiting at MosBuild for the first time in 2019. As a brand-new company on the market, we were keen to find out what their impressions were of MosBuild and the Russian market in general.

We spoke to Cosimo de Tommaso, Exhibitor Export Manager at Duplach, to learn more.

Why did you decide to take part in MosBuild and what are your objectives?

Duplach has a good market presence around the world but we haven’t yet come to Russia, so we’re trying to get into this part of the world.

Who are you looking to meet at the show?

Distributors mostly; we’ve met some interesting contacts already and probably something will come from it.
MosBuild has been good so far, it’s been interesting for us to see how the market is. We manufacture our own products so it’s important for us to find out what kind of sizes would work here in Russia or if there are some special requirements we don’t know about. We’re very happy, we’re just searching for the right distributor.

What are the benefits of exhibiting at MosBuild for Duplach?

It’s great to meet people. We don’t have very may opportunities to be in Russia for just a few days and meet so many people – distributors, retailers, designers, engineers, and shop owners. It’s a great opportunity for us.
MosBuild is a great show, compared to other shows it’s very busy. It’s a very comfortable show and it’s easy to navigate. Our experience of MosBuild so far has been a big thumbs up.

What are your reasons for expanding into Russia?

Our main reason is that we want to expand outside of Spain and reach out and integrate into other cultures and Russia is a place where we haven’t been yet. We’ve just entered the U.S. too, but we already work in about 30 countries mostly in Europe.

How optimistic do you feel about the Russian market over the next few years?

Pretty optimistic; from my personal experience there really is a chance for growth.

What is your competitive advantage on the Russian market?

We don’t have big competitors in Russia. There’s nothing like our products in Russia right now. They’re original, simple, easy products that are easy to install and something that people like. They’re very stylish and we can do a lot of different types of shower trays and sizes.

What is your biggest challenge on the Russian market?

Probably transportation more than anything; we don’t have problems with customs. But the more we transport, the easier it becomes. The only issue is getting products here quickly; it’s hard to get it here in less than a week.

How receptive do you find the Russian market to your products or brand?

Very receptive, they really enjoy it. We’ve had a lot of requests at the show from designers, which is a good selling point for us when we meet distributors.

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