New exhibitor case study: Ecosteel, Portugal

“We want to bring a new window to the market,” say first-time exhibitors Ecosteel.

Portugal-based Ecosteel manufacture aluminium window frames under the brand Much more than a Window.

Filipe Martins, Commercial Manager at Ecosteel tells us more about the company’s approach to the market and their experience exhibiting for the first time at MosBuild 2019.

Filipe, why did you decide to take part in MosBuild and what are your objectives?

We are putting a lot of effort into exports, so the Russian market was one of our targets for this year and MosBuild seemed like a good option to start on the market.

How has the show been so far?

It’s been very nice, I wasn’t expecting so many people. It’s bigger than I expected, and I’ve heard it’s bigger than last year.

What are the benefits of exhibiting at MosBuild for your company?

Visibility primarily. As it’s our first time here and we’re taking the first steps in the Russian market, it seemed like the best approach to the market, to present at MosBuild. We thought it would be a quieter trade show so next time we’ll do things differently. We’ll definitely have a bigger stand because we deal with large scale windows and we’ve just brought sample corners this year.

What are your reasons for expanding into Russia?

We’re trying to build a distribution network around the world. The Russian market is a growing market in terms of construction and our products are not found in the market yet.

We have to explain and teach people how it works because from what we’ve seen at MosBuild, people are keen on PVC windows and we use aluminium. They say aluminium doesn’t work in Russia, but we have the experience and the knowledge to show that it does work. We want to bring a new window to the market.

How optimistic do you feel about the Russian market over the next three years?

We are optimistic. We are one of the first in this line of business in terms of minimalist frames in Russia. We are opening the market.

What is your competitive advantage on the Russian market?

The technology that we bring to the market, it’s has a new appeal in terms of windows and construction, and a new way for architecture to work because we are expanding the horizons for architecture.

What is your biggest challenge on the Russian market?

As I’ve been told, it has to do with taxes and customs, but we haven’t seen that yet, everything has been going well. The other thing is our approach to the market in terms of teaching and showing them our experience.

What advice would you give to other companies looking to enter the Russian market?

To come, to participate in MosBuild and show themselves, and come with an open mind. I wasn’t expecting what we have seen, it’s a highly developed show and we can take a lot of advantage from so many visitors.

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