New exhibitor case study: Orac Decor

“We gained over 300 contacts at MosBuild 2019”

Founded in Ostend, Belgium in 1970, Orac Decor is now a world-renowned brand offering coving, skirting, wall mouldings, decorative elements, and tools and adhesives.
The company took part in MosBuild for the very first time in 2019. As a new exhibitor, we were keen to find out what their impressions were and why they decided to return for this year’s show.

Tell us about your company, what are your main advantages?

Interior design is our calling. We’re constantly updating our technologies, materials and projects. For 50 years, we’ve been putting all our love into the design and manufacturing of decorative interior elements. There’s no need to explain that the pursuit of beauty is in our blood, because after so many years Orac Decor has remained a family business.
“Where most people see a bare wall, we see a blank canvas.”
Our philosophy? Awaken in people a craving for creativity to reveal their own personality and create outstanding interiors. Orac Decor® products make this task easy and doable thanks to their ease of installation, flexibility and ease of use. From functional skirting boards to expressive cornices, Orac products give complete creative freedom and the opportunity to express your style and personality.

What are your main goals for MosBuild 2020?

We want to show our new products, communicate with old customers and those who may become our new customers.

What new products are you planning on showcasing?

We plan to introduce our ‘New Classics’ collection.

Who is your target audience?

Designers, architects, and decoration stores.

How did you find exhibiting at MosBuild 2019?

We gained over 300 contacts from designers at the show, signed new contracts, and introduced people to our brand, which in our opinion was effective.

How did the 2019 exhibition affect your sales?

We acquired new customers and implemented the sales plan in those regions where we were poorly represented.

Have you already started preparing for MosBuild 2020?

We are preparing a draft of a new stand and thinking over the format of our work at the exhibition.


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