March digest

New items in March from MosBuild partners

Condair увлажнителиCondair - Condair HumiLife, a new humidification technology for apartments and houses.
The Condair HumiLife humidification system with silent and invisible spraying modules ensures the right level of humidity in all areas of the house. A healthy and comfortable microclimate will reduce the spread of viruses in the air and reduce the number of allergens.

Contemporary style with Europlast products
Modern modernism is not minimalism, it is not at all alien to the decorative design of walls and ceilings. Observe the main rule: when performing works in the Contemporary style, use emphatically modern objects, architectural elements and stucco decor that are not associated with any historical style, be it Baroque, Gothic or Art Nouveau.
Bring “modern style” to your interior with Europlast moldings, skirting boards and cornices. In this interior we used: molding 1.51.357, molding 6.51.702, plinth 6.53.705, cornice 1.50.172.

Камин Flammen

Flammen exclusive: Ebios one - automatic bio fireplace from the Spartherm concern.
The bio fireplace is designed in such a way that, in addition to the main three-liter tank, there is an additional one, in which the fuel is converted into steam, and from there it goes to combustion. The bio fireplace has sensors for fuel spillage, for opening a service hatch, temperatures, a sensor for time and position in space. There is a three-level flame height adjustment. You can control the fireplace in three ways: using the touch panel, the remote control or via the smartphone app (iOS, Android).

Краска MandersManders: Little Greene and the versatile Stone palette.
British company Little Greene presents a new universal palette of 36 natural Stone shades, filled with warmth, tranquility, eternity, and harmony. The palette and colors are divided into six groups, which contain different subgroups, united by a common pigment of natural origin.

Решения Technologico

Technologico - manufacturer of software for Smart Home systems
For the first time, technologico, a Russian manufacturer of equipment and software for smart home systems, is participating in the exhibition. The company has been engaged in automation and control of buildings and production since 2013. The company is the Official Partner of the Space 2.0 special project and carries out project automation on its equipment. 

Tikkurila КраскиProtection of wood flooring with Tikkurila Valtti Plus Terrace Oil
New from Tikkurila: Water-borne terrace and furniture oil Tikkurila Valtti Plus Terrace Oil. 18% of the total composition of product is obtained from renewable plant sources. The oil evens out easily, penetrates well into the wood, forming an extra-strong coating and protecting the wood from weathering and UV radiation. Tinted in bright lightfast colors according to the Tikkurila Super Colors catalog.

Alsid интерьерные решения"Alcid" - colored tropical plants for interior design
Alcid will present a collection of novelties 2021 at Mosbuild - colorful tropics! The flower trend started last year when our team attended the world's most significant design event, Maison & Objet 2020 in Paris. Inspired by visiting the exhibition, we were the first to bring premium quality colored tropical plants to Russia and have already implemented several large projects.

Решения Siegenia

Barrier-free energy-efficient threshold SIEGENIA ECO PASS SKY axxent
The ECO PASS SKY axxent from SIEGENIA is a completely barrier-free threshold for lift-and-slide doors. It creates a perfectly straight passage without bevels. A drainage and insulation system is integrated into the threshold to maximize the tightness of the structure. In the design of a fixed sash, the profile is lowered below the floor level - the sash looks completely glass. ECO PASS SKY axxent wins design award: Red Dot Award 2020 “Best of the best” for revolutionary product design. 

Кухни Nolte Kitchen

New from Nolte Küchen - LUCCA facade with cement look
The new LUCCA façade has been added to the Nolte Küchen range, skillfully conveying a cement surface. It serves as an alternative to the popular PORTLAND façade, where cement is manually applied to the surface. LUCCA is available in the same colors as PORTLAND: Dark Anthracite (pictured), Warm Agate Gray and Neutral Light Saphire Gray.