MosBuild news digest - October 2020

Manders, Cersanit and Technonikol announces the release of new products.

MandersManders: coatings Absolute Matt Emulsion from Little Green

Little Greene owes its impeccable reputation to its bright color palette and superior paint quality. Today, the original Absolute Matt Emulsion coatings are especially popular; in conditions of self-isolation, they have become especially often chosen by those who adhere to the principle of "do it yourself". The Absolute Matt Emulsion palette is the trend in matt paints. Deep, velvety coatings have a subtle sheen of only 3%. This matte effect is often referred to as “velvety matte”.

This gorgeous eco-friendly finish has a more luxurious and less utilitarian option - Intelligent Matt, formulated specifically for home interiors where there is a lot of fuss and clutter. Absolute Matt Emulsion coatings are wipeable, so they are not only beautiful but also practical.


cersanit, зеркала с подсветкой

Cersanit: LED illuminated mirrors

New models of LED mirrors were presented by Cersanit. With four illuminated designs, you can customize your bathroom in different styles. Easy to install and operate, Cersanit mirrors with Belgian HJC curtain are guaranteed for 25 years. The boxes are made of high-quality plastic, which excludes the possibility of deformation due to moisture, and the super-resistant Belgian SOUDAL glue ensures reliable adhesion of the elements.


Technonikol: Planter Geo drainage membrane

Дренажная мембрана

Drainage membrane Planter Geo is designed to create a reliable blind area. It has practically zero water absorption and high tensile strength, which makes it resistant to various kinds of influences. On the entire surface of the material web there are rounded projections with a height of 8.5 mm, which create a gap for unhindered drainage of water from the building foundation. Unlike conventional membranes, the profiled membrane has an additional layer of Typar® SF27 geotextile made from 100% DuPont® polypropylene, which provides a high filtration capacity and guarantees resistance to silting.

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