“Our sales are growing every year and MosBuild has an impact on this” Torrecid

Manufacturer of products and innovative solutions for the ceramics and glass sectors Torrecid has been exhibiting at MosBuild for many years.

We caught up with Milan Patzak, Manager of Research, Development and Innovation at Glazura, a member of Torrecid Group, to find out more about what they think of the show and their plans for MosBuild 2020.

How many years has Torrecid been exhibiting at MosBuild?

We’ve been exhibiting regularly at Moscow since 2007. MosBuild 2020 will be our 14th edition running.

Tell us about your company, what are your main advantages over others?

Torrecid is a global multinational business group founded in 1963 and dedicated to providing products, services, solutions and future trends to the ceramics and glass sector.

We’re based in Alcora in Castellón, Spain but we operate in 28 countries and regions of the world with customers in more than 130 countries.

Our technological advances enable us to offer our customers a complete range of products that meet their specific needs and allow them to obtain a more competitive final product with added value. We have products for a large number of markets mostly for glass and ceramics but with numerous applications in other industries.

Torrecid is committed to strengthening its relationships with customers in order to understand the best forms of collaboration and to succeed in projects of mutual interest and benefit. Customer service represents one of the basic functions of Torrecid Group to aid customer development. By means of a highly professional team and close co-operation with our customers, we provide the technological support and technical assistance required for technology transfer and thus contribute to the ongoing improvement of customers’ products and processes.

One of our main pillars is innovation. The growth of our company is largely thanks to our development of innovative solutions. We put great effort in to bringing new solutions to our clients to provide them with the best advantages and maximum added value.

Why are you participating in MosBuild 2020 and what are your main goals for the show?

Companies from Russia and Eastern Europe are some of our important business partners. This building exhibition in Moscow is a unique opportunity to meet with our current and potential new customers and present the new items in our product range.

What new products do you plan to present at MosBuild 2020?

We aim to surprise our customers with new products and innovative solutions at every exhibition, so we will definitely introduce something new at MosBuild 2020. Unfortunately, we cannot be more specific now, because we want it to remain a surprise. 

Who is your target audience?

Our customers, who are mainly producers of ceramic tiles and other companies from the ceramic and glass sector.

Did you measure the effectiveness of the past exhibition, if so, how?

We do an internal evaluation of the effectiveness of the exhibition. The important thing is that our stand is visited by almost all of our customers and that we gain new contacts on the market.

How did MosBuild 2019 affect company sales?

The effect of the exhibition on our sales is not entirely direct. The exhibition helps us to build a good reputation and brand name on the market, as well as to strengthen relationships with our customers. Our sales in Russia and Eastern Europe are growing every year and we are convinced that our participation in MosBuild has a positive impact on this.

Have you already started preparing for MosBuild 2020?

Yes, of course. We have an idea of what and how we want to exhibit. We have already reserved our stand space, designed our stand, and the products we want to exhibit are being prepared.

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