How a business does not die, but grows remotely. Universal instruction for designers.

Distance for a designer - friend, foe, or time to grow? One of the speakers has more than tripled the staff of his bureau, another is going to build a low-rise village, the third is planning to open a construction business, so they have a lot to learn from.
It is generally accepted that design is a creative profession, whose representatives think exclusively of the sublime. Meanwhile, any growing bureau is faced with the need to form a business structure and its head will inevitably have to delve into many economic, financial and personnel issues.
The participants of the session “Remote work in design: design, assembly, field supervision. Difficulties, Problems, Advantages ”, held as part of the MosBuild 2021 exhibition. Among the speakers were Anna Marceau, founder and CEO of Yudina.Design; Pavel Gerasimov and Aleksey Ivanov, co-founders of the Geometrium brand, and Tatiana Bezverkhaya, head of TB.Design studio. The partner of the event is the communication agency ArchDialogue.
The session participants discussed the tools for scaling the business, the need for management accounting and its specifics in different design bureaus, the introduction of regulations and project structuring, the assessment of the quality of work and limiting the timing of meetings, training new employees and managing a team in a remote environment.

Anna Morso: three important rules

Анна Морсо

  • You have to strike a balance between business and creativity, because if you don’t think about something, you cannot manage it. If you don't track metrics, very soon there will be nothing to create.

  • Motivate people: "In the pandemic, we raised everyone's salaries."


  • Maintain team spirit in the team. Often we try to improve the efficiency of each individual employee, but we forget about the team. One of the possible advantages of quarantine is that the problem of burnout was recognized on a global scale.

    Pavel Gerasimov and Alexey Ivanov: quality assessment

Павел Герасимов

“With the growth of the company, there is managerial chaos that needs to be streamlined. In our company, indicators are defined for each employee, which are measured every week. Also, each department has its own statistics, including different parameters, up to quality assessment. When there are many projects, quality is difficult to track, so a quality manager appeared. "

Tatiana Bezverkhaya: project structure and regulations

Татьяна Безверхая

In the TB.Design studio, regulations have been introduced and the project structure has been created. In addition to the obvious advantages for the studio itself, the consistency pleases the client as well. He knows that on Monday he will receive a report, on Thursday - a photo from the designer's supervision, and on another specific day, all the necessary documents will be brought to him. The customer is calmer and it frees your hands. If there is a project structure, that is, a clear diagram of stages and procedures, it is much more convenient to sell, work and introduce new employees in a “remote location”.