Results of MosBuild 2018 and a road map for the 25th MosBuild 2019

On May 22, 2018, at 11am the press conference on the results of MosBuild 2018 and the presentation of the “road map” of preparations for the 25th jubilee MosBuild 2019 took place in the International Multimedia press center MIA Russia Today.

The press conference started with the introduction speech of the executive director of ITE Russia Dmitry Zavgorodniy, in which he pointed out the growth of the MosBuild exhibition in all the aspects and its status as the biggest professional platform. He drew attention of the audience to the statistics approved by the independent audit.


“From the point of view of the restitution of the investments to the exponents and the time to the visitors, MosBuild is definitely the best exhibition,” - Dmitry Zavgorodny said. The executive director of the Builders Union of Russia Konstantin Kizhel pointed out that “the MosBuild exhibition is one of the key platforms of the Russian Federation among the exhibitions related to building industry” and he also emphasized that “it is quite important for professionals to get acquainted with different kinds of building materials and technologies, that is why they strive to visit the exhibition.”


Dmitry Zavgorodniy spoke about ITE being the organizer of the biggest industry exhibitions, the experience of the company in organizing industry projects and its extensive programme of events, including MosBuild exhibition which is the biggest and the most important one in Russia. 


The first deputy of the Director General of AO “Crocus International” Alexander Bortsov, who could not attend the press conference, appeared in the video. He congratulated ITE with the 25th jubilee exhibition MosBuild and expressed his conviction in the long-lasting cooperation between Crocus Expo and ITE providing excellent results and he also listed the facilities of Crocus Expo available for exponents and visitors.


The video about MosBuild with the statistics of the MosBuild exhibition 2018, participating projects, short interviews with leading designers and the novelties in building and finishing materials charged the audience with positive vibes.


The head of the direction of ITE Russia exhibitions Elena Popova made a presentation on the results of MosBuild 2018 with the record number of participants - 1200 companies from 40 countries, among them 509 new companies, and the key record in the number of visitors - 65 236 people with  the growth of visitors from trading and regional companies (3000 people more than last year). Elena then passed the word to the marketing director of Hansgrohe Russia Mikhail Chizhov.


In his presentation he pointed out that Hansgrohe Russia has been a permanent participant of the exhibition for 15 years and besides shared the statistics on the visitors of the Hansgrohe stand. He also mentioned that the design of the Hansgrohe stand reflects the main trend which is care about the ecology. According to Mikhail Chizhov the company finds it crucially important to demonstrate the products in dinamics.


The director of the exhibition Yakov Syromyatnikov emphasysed that ITE implements new approach to the organization of exhibitions. He made a special mention of the forums with the most visitors, i.e. DIY, where the online marketing session and a new event for the architects “Facades 360” took place for the first time this year and new trends and innovations were listed. Yakov Syromyatnikov spoke to the journalists about a new format of Bathroom Biennale in which the leading Russian designers took part. Among them Zhenia Zhdanova, Diana Balashova, Dmitry Loginov, Nadezhda Zotova, Mike Shilov and Olga Malyeva.


MosBuild exhibition is a place for generating new ideas.

Yakov Syromyatnikov



In his speech the general director of ROCA Group Russia and CIS Antonio Linares analyzed the results of MosBuild 2018 and said that “ROCA Group views MosBuild as the platform for meeting partners from different countries since MosBuild is the foundation and infrastructure for communication with the visitors and specialists in the construction industry.” Just like Mikhail Chizhov he emphasized that social media help to learn about the products and activity in the social media attracts new visitors.


Konstantin Kizhel added that the Builders Union of Russia promotes Russian members of the Union and works on updating the construction rules and regulations. Builders Union of Russia participated in the development of the national apps and sincronized the standards with the European codes.


Answering the question about the role of designers in the MosBuild exhibition Yakov Syromyatnikov said: “Designers are the people who influence the creation of the trends. We invite designers to MosBuild for them to introduce new trends and that is why ITE is developing new formats for the content programmes.”


A famous designer Zhenia Zhdanova took part in the press conference. She told the audience that for the first time this year the famous designers displayed their work with materials, and that is the 5th element which was highly anticipated by MosBuild.



“MosBuild provides the designers with not only the chance to demonstrate the latest novelties which are not available for purchase yet, but also a possibility to realize the project exactly the way you have it on your mind. “The interest of the audience is an important segment and the indicator with which nobody has worked before but the one which helps the designers to make their projects even cooler,” - Zhenia shared her thought.


Designers fly all over the world looking for special objects, touching and trying them in order to demonstrate them at MosBuild later.

Zhenia Zhdanova


The editor in chief of Elle Decoration Alexey Dorozhkin told the audience in his speech that at MosBuild 2018 the involvement of the publishing house was truly profound for the first time and Elle Decoration become the full-fledged partner of the exhibition and its media part. He presented the new joint initiative of MosBuild and Elle Decoration - the First regional award for designers of the federal scale with over 30 events will be organized in various places from Kaliningrad to Irkutsk as a part of it.


“We decided to create a platform where every designer could introduce his or her project. There are many designers from various regions who promote good taste and affordable design. And the most important thing for them is the transition from primitive to more complicated solutions. We are trying to support them in that.” This was the answer of Alexey Dorozhkin to one of the journalists’ questions. 


Real communication helps to achieve bigger results.

Alexey Dorozhkin 


Yakov Syromyatnikov talked about the future plans for organizer of MosBuild 2019: attracting core audience, expanding conference platforms, investing into MosBuild Connect and MatchMaking services, continuing to work with content programmes. Next year a new chapter will be organized where the participants will introduce everything for kitchens and the designers will participate in Kitchen Biennale. There was also a presentation of the “road map” - the plan of events for the preparation of the 25th jubilee MosBuild Exhibition, in the course of which the organizers, the experts committee and the participants of the exhibition with work together on every part of the exhibition. 


“MosBuild exhibition is the platform for increasing sales and promoting products in dinamics which is crucial for communication with the partners. It is the platform for innovative solutions and their immediate use in real life. It's a place for improving the image of the company. The platform for interaction between business and power, where decisions are made along with the amendments to the current law. It is also the platform for making business contacts from Krasnodar to Vladivostok and of course it is a place for educating taste,” - with these words Dmitry Zavgorodniy summed up the presentations of the participants of the press conference.