Slovak National Pavilion at MosBuild: Neopolis s.r.o.

Since its beginnings in 2008, Neopolis Interior Design Studio has been devoted to one goal above all others: creating unique world-class interiors which are not only beautiful but in which you will live a happy and harmonious life.

We believe that each customer and their requirements are unique and a new challenge for our team, therefore we approach every new project on an individual basis. International projects especially are managed according to their specific requirements and challenges.

Whether we are dealing with a small apartment, a large villa or the interior of business premises, all our concepts are designed to the last detail on both artistic and technical levels.

We merge knowledge of both Western and Eastern cultures (such as Feng-Shui) and from this we create extraordinary pieces of interior design which are tailored exactly to our customers’ needs, while still being unique works of art.