The innovations to discover at the Space 2.0 project at MosBuild 2020

What’s new at MosBuild 2020’s Space 2.0 project - the conceptual living space of the future?

The Space 2.0 project is being curated by well-known Russian industrial designer Vladimir Pirozhkov, alongside young and promising architects Mikhail Beilin and Daniil Nikishin, founders of architecture bureau CitizenStudio. The project’s lighting will be designed by Vlad Oblasov.

The 70 sqm residential structure will feature the three main trends experts highlight when talking about housing of the future.

  • Zoning and transforming space depending on the mood and needs of the homeowner
  • Smart technologies integrated into the living space
  • Self-sufficiency: food can be grown within the structure

space 2.0space 2.0

Leading manufacturers and suppliers of building and finishing materials and technologies who will be exhibiting at MosBuild will provide products for the project. Among them are Condair, JAF Rus, Laufen, Miele, Nolte Küchen, Roca, Tikkurila, ProfilDoors, and Chateau de Wessel.

Technologico will supply integrated automation to the project, which can be managed and controlled using smartphones and tablets.

Space of the Future Space 2.0 is one of MosBuild 2020’s key projects, acting as a ‘time machine’ to take visitors several decades into the future to show what living spaces can become.

See Space 2.0 at MosBuild 2020 for yourself and be the first to know how the living space of the future will be like.