Trend Gallery sponsor AM Group shares what’s in store for MosBuild 2020

An exclusive interview with AM Group CEO Yakov Kandjo

AM Group is the official distributor of Italian plumbing manufacturers Atrceram, Cisal/Huber, Stella, Bertocci, and Jacuzzi in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The company was the first in Russia to create a fully-fledged warehouse system of several Italian plumbing brands at once, providing their own logistics and creating a stable dealer network.

At this year’s MosBuild, AM Group will be creating the MosBuild Trend Gallery – an exciting new content platform showcasing conceptual bathroom designs. We caught up with CEO Yakov Kandjo to find out more.

How long have you been exhibiting at MosBuild?

We appeared relatively recently on the Russian plumbing market - four years ago, and we’ve been exhibiting at MosBuild from the start. At first, we just demonstrated our plumbing products, then we began to invite our eminent designers and architects to collaborate on our stand design, and this year we’re creating the MosBuild Trend Gallery content platform.

What does the MosBuild Trend Gallery involve?

The general concept of our stand at MosBuild 2020 is to create a gallery of the latest trends in plumbing working with well-known designers and architects from across Russia. Moscow and other cities of our country, we will create a gallery of the latest trends in plumbing.

What will be presented?

Visitors to our large stand will see ready-made design solutions, draw ideas for bathroom decoration, and discover the latest products from our Italian partners, which were presented at international building exhibitions outside Russia in 2019.

How did you come up with this concept?

It’s often the case that visitors coming to an exhibition only see the product as an independent element, so we wanted a platform to be able to show how the sanitary ware looks in different interiors.

How did you select the line-up of designers?

The Trend Gallery will present interior solutions designed by well-known architects and designers from Moscow and the Russian regions, as well as young talent, in particular from the Moscow International School of Design. We held a competition with ELLE Decoration magazine for the best design project for one of our exhibition areas, with the main prize to implement the MosBuild Trend Gallery. We received a large number of creative and unusual entries and believe me, it was very difficult to choose the best. With this competition and our content platform, we hope to give young and relatively unknown designers the opportunity to promote themselves at MosBuild.

Discover the hottest bathroom designs in person at this year’s MosBuild 2020.