Interview with Vincent He, general manager of Hangzhou Ruibo Decorative Materials

During the exhibition, we will focus on recommending designs that fit the local market

Vincent HeTell us a little about your Company. How many years have you been on the market? What important stages of the company's development you can mark?

Vincent He:  We have been exported wallpaper for nearly 10 years, we are not only a trade company, also invested capital to make self-made brand wallpaper catalogs. Annual export valume reach $8 million. 

In your opinion, how have your customers' preferences changed during pandemic?

Vincent He:  After the outbreak of the epidemic, customers have become more cautious in choosing trading partners. They are eager for stable and long-term cooperation.

What new developments would you note in the production of your products?

Vincent He: For ten years, we have been providing customers with high-quality and fashionable products. Products involving different sizes and materials meet the various needs of customers. We will also increase investment in the development of more high-quality products.

decor idea RuiboWallpaper RuiboRuibo design idea

Please tell us about your new products.

Vincent He: Our new products are in line with the current popular demand and are not outdated styles on the market.

What role do exhibitions play in your company's strategy? 

Vincent He: The exhibition provides us with an opportunity to communicate F2F with customers, show our products directly to customers, draw the distance between us and customers, and communicate with each other more smoothly and efficiently.

Why did you decide to participate in MosBuild? What is the main idea, which audience do you want to attract at MosBuild 2022?

Vincent He: The MosBuild is an internationally renowned decoration exhibition, it attracts many foreign businessmen to visit and purchase. In addition, our new products are also suitable for the Middle Asia market.

wallpaper ruiboWalls ruibo

What are your strategies towards Russian/CIS Market? What are the most important aspects for you in MosBuild exhibition? How do you choose what to include in your exhibition?

Vincent He: Russia is also our key market. During the exhibition, we will focus on recommending designs that fit the local market. In the face of many high-quality foreign businessmen, we will seize this opportunity to show our products to everyone.

MosBuild 2022
29 March—1 April
Crocus Expo

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