What’s on offer from Duravit at the Perfect Home Multi project

“Within the Perfect Home Multi project, our products will be displayed in an integrated design set-up so visitors can view the products in situ in an interior.”

Simon Reimer, CEO of sanitaryware brand Duravit Rus, tells us about the company and why they decided to take part in the MosBuild’s Perfect Home Multi project.

How long has Duravit been operating on the Russian market?

We first delivered products to the Russian market in the mid-90s via wholesalers, many of whom are still present on the market today. At that time, there was a shortage of imported goods in the new country and there was strong demand from consumers. These were ideal conditions for Western companies to develop sales in a new market.

Things went well and by 1999 we set up the Duravit Rus office. In 2013, an LLC was established as the company began to import goods on its own. In 2011, well-known architect Sergey Choban developed the Esplanade collection with us especially for the Russian market.

Who’s your target audience and how do you interact with them?

Duravit offers a range of goods ‘from jeans to tuxedo’ as we say, i.e. we make designer plumbing available for most consumers. Our target audience includes dealers, designers and end customers. For the professional community, we carry out targeted activities such as MosBuild, and we deliver information to end consumers online.


How do you formulate a proposal? Do you conduct a demand analysis or focus on global trends?

The working group at our head office consists of marketers, product managers, managers and well-known designers – even Philippe Starck has worked with us. All of them keep an eye on the trends, but in fact they create them themselves. These people are designing and pricing new collections.

What trends are most relevant right now?

The most in demand are matte and coloured surfaces; I don’t mean rainbow colours, but elegant natural shades. From a technology point of view, it’s important to combine materials correctly. For example, we invented and patented a c-bonded technology - a combination of ceramics with other materials: veneer, aluminium, varnish and melamine. Our SensoWash Starck smart toilets are also in great demand.

How are you trying to ensure the very best efficiency and quality in your products?

Duravit’s philosophy is based on three pillars: quality, design, and technology. But the sustainability of the product is no accident; it’s determined at the development stage. That's why for several decades, Duravit has spent a huge amount of time, money and energy on research and development. These investments return to the company at a later stage and benefit both consumers and the environment. Our developers and designers pay special attention to solutions that save water, increase energy efficiency, and use sustainable production methods. The safety of our products is of the utmost importance to us. All ceramic products and bathroom furniture are CE marked and comply with both strict internal quality requirements and EU standards.


In 2020, you’ll be taking part in MosBuild’s business programme, can you tell us more about that and what role trade shows play in your strategy?

Trade shows are an important tool for promoting our products, particularly in the Russian regions as all key dealers come to MosBuild. However, we have long decided to use other ways to promote our products to our target audience. That’s why we’re interested in participating in the Perfect Home Multi project, since we are in contact with designers who are the link between the manufacturer and the end consumer. Within the Perfect Home Multi project, our products will be displayed in an integrated design set-up so visitors can view the products in situ in an interior. This is the third year in a row that we’ve taken part in the content programme and we’re really looking forward to it.

Discover the Perfect Home Multi for yourself and see everything Duravit has to offer by attending MosBuild 2020.