DIY Forum MosBuild 2021

The “Building and finishing materials market and DIY trade – new reality” Forum 


1 DIY Forum ticket = talks of the top speakers + new business contacts 

Programme of the forum
  • DIY Forum opening 
Welcoming address of the director of the trade show Yakov Syromyatnikov to the participants of the forum. 
  • Analytical report and INFOLine DIY Retail Russia TOP rating 
Report of the INFOLine general director Ivan Fedyakov on the development of the market of building and finishing materials and DIY trade. Review of the INFOLine DIY Retail Russia TOP rating and state of business survey among the suppliers of building and finishing materials.
  • Plenary discussion session of the TOP managers of the DIY-chains
Key questions:
-How has the pandemic changed the market? Findings of the market and figures of the DIY-chains for 2020;
-Selling channels: consolidation or organic growth? Projected growth for 2021;
-What are the needs of a consumer? The shift in consumer preferences in post-COVID period;
-What is the influence of the decline in economic activity? Promo activities and collaborations of suppliers and trading chains;
-What’s the impact of the records in the mortgage market on the industry? Correlation between the building market, the industry of building and finishing materials and the DIY trade.
-First-ever! “Russian renovation index” – the first real indicator of the price dynamics.
  • Plenary discussion of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of the building and finishing materials.
Key questions:
-Development of various price segments of products. New products and current trends in the product portfolio and range; 
-Point of Sales Materials (POSM): solutions for sales growth;
-Own brands: competition with brands on the shelf and product range of the supplier, price setting strategies. Exclusive supplier brands for particular chains and points of sales;
-Prospects of export development: supplies to B2B-channel and expansion of the Russian and international retailers to the EAEU countries;
-Factors, preventing the production development of building and finishing materials, and competition with import. Certification and restricting of state regulations.

  • Special session – Battle of professionals: “Omnichannel trade: owning an online store VS integrating in a marketplace: The living will envy the dead?”
Key question:
-“The living will envy the dead, – or is there really the light at the end of the tunnel?”
-Which of the sales channels should be invested in and developed? Where can you earn more?



until March 19, 2021:​

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on the day of the forum:​

Conference day (30.03.21) – 20.000 rubles without VAT


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