Exhibitor feedback



MosBuild is a central event in our marketing communications. As long as the industry exists, as long as Veko exists and our partners, we will be gathering together on our stand, which is the biggest at the exhibition, 600 sq.m. Here we tell the market our company plans, share our achievements and competencies. The trade show is very important and necessary for us.


Atlas Concord

Our goal to participate in the exhibition was to present all our new collection in the Russian market. The Russian market is very important for Atlas Concord. The number of visitors was good, all of these days I saw a lot of customers: distributors and architects. We have a good feedback to implement and expose our strategy in the market for the next year.




We participate in MosBuild almost from the start up. For about 20 years, we have gone foot in step together. We bring world premieres here and have annually about 10,000 visitors on our stand. Thank you very much, MosBuild.



For us, MosBuild was not just a platform for the demonstration of new products, but also a starting point in the new stage of company development. We announced the launch of the rebranding project at REHAU. During the 4 days our stand was visited by about 13 000 visitors. It was the high-quality professional traffic that we need. We are very pleased with the exhibition.

Development Agency of Serbia


Representing Serbian companies is very important since we are government agency and supporting export from Serbia. Russia is very important market. Its very important to be present here as we have a lot to offer. The companies are satisfied. We will be glad to be again here.



The MosBuild exhibition has exceeded the highest expectations this year. The stand of Deceuninck was especially popular. During the period of the exhibition our specialists held almost 400 productive meetings with clients.



We are first time tasting the market and have good quality contacts. Since we are satisfied with the quality and quantity of people I think we will consider coming in the next year exhibition.



High interest to the construction industry was confirmed by the number of visitors. MosBuild 2019 was visited by 77 338 people. During the period of the exhibition we held more than 50 meetings both with current business partners and new potential ones.


Our goal is to show our products and new items to the target audience. MosBuild 2019 was a great success for Cersanite, raising the bar for the stand attendance by 19% compared with last year. We are pleased with the results of the traide show.


This year we see an incredible surge - an avalanche stream of people. We have 18 people working on the stand and they are all busy. This is the large-scale exhibition that covers the whole country and our neighbors. We see it very promising; this is the most important construction exhibition in the country today, of course. We will for sure participate next year.

Trade Lock

During the exhibition, we received more than 700 contacts from 18 countries, of which 50% are from retail, 19% are wholesalers and 14% are from construction organizations.