Exhibitor feedback

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"We are very happy we are taking part in MosBuild 2021, because the trade show is a great success. Today is day 3, the number of visitors is definitely not less than in 2019. We are certainly considering exhibiting next year".
Andrei Kulesh, business director, ALTA-PROFILE (Building Materials)


"Every year we take part in MosBuild, where we showcase our new products. We come here to increase brand recognition, we meet with our clients and partners, hold negotiations and also get feedback from our end customers. There are a lot of visitors this year, the exhibition is a great success".
Ivan Makarov, marketing director, Döcke (Building materials)


"We have participated in the show for 15 years. This is a very important trade event for us. This time, we showcase our new products that have accumulated over the year. We meet with our partners, customers, dealers. We didn’t expect so many visitors on the first day! Just incredible"
Ilya Lepeshkin, business director, Mosplitka (Ceramics)

Schneider Electric

"MosBuild is a very significant event for us, where we can connect with our target audience. This year we took part in the Perfect Home project at MosBuild, and have achieved two goals: we created the project together with a team of designers and presented our innovations to our clients, other designers and architects, who came to see the project."
Svetlana Kolos, Head of the department for work with designers and architects, Schneider Electric (Digital solutions)


"Yesterday you couldn't swing a cat at our booth, if we talk about visitor traffic at MosBuld 2021. So I couldn't be happier! We wanted to do something special, to showcase our bathrooms not just as an isolated product, but as part of an interior setting. And with some help from designers and architects, it worked really well. Very pleased with the result!"
Yakov Kandjo, business director, AM Group (Bathrooms)


"We have participated in the exhibition for over 15 years, and this year MosBuild exceeded our expectations. We didn't expect so many visitors. So many people came, probably more than in the previous years. We showcased our new products at the show, and we are very happy with our participation!"
Elena Zaborovskaya, marketing director, Technolight (Lighting & Electrical Products)



"MosBuild 2021 is a key event for us not only in the field of expomarketing, but also in increasing of customer loyalty, partner loyalty, and presentation of new products. This is a good opportunity to see what the market feels, how it develops, to feel its pulse. We are happy with the way the show is going. There are a lot of people, it is very difficult to find a free place at our stand".
Sergei Yelnikov, head of the department of marketing and PR, VEKA RUS (Windows)


"Everyone had missed face-to-face! It is great that the show has taken place and given us all an opportunity for live communication. MosBuild has always been the platform to showcase our new products. This year, we have things to show off, too. We are planning to come back next year".
Pavel Ivanenko, exclusive sales and marketing director, REHAU in Eastern Europe (Windows)