Exhibitor technical manual

Dear Exhibitors!

In this section you can find the Exhibitor Technical Manual, which contains important information on the exhibition, as well as order forms for additional services to make your participation effective.

All documents are in .pdf format. You can open them using the Adobe Reader program (free download: http://get.adobe.com/reader/).

Please note that order forms should be filled by you and returned to the Organizer no later than the deadline indicated in them. In this regard, we ask you to carefully read the Manual and make the necessary order on time.

The manual consists of two parts:
  • The information part contains technical information about the upcoming exhibition, the rules for the implementation of installation work, installation deadlines and other information that may be needed during preparation for the exhibition.
  • Technical service order forms - technical services can be ordered by filling out the technical service order forms and sending them in scanned form to the e-mail address indicated at the top of each form.
For all the pavilions excluding Ceramics sector