How it works?

Mosbuild Connect is a new, modern interactive leadscanner designed to streamline exhibitors’ commercial activities. It helps exhibitors to:

  • Identify the visitor’s profiles
  • Form an e-version visitor’s database with 24/7 on-line access
  • Mail marketing materials to your potential clients
  • Assess booth managers KPI
  • Create statistical reports on-line during and after the exhibition

How it works?

MosBuild Connect works on the basis of actual and complete registration data, provided by visitors to the Organizer at the event registration. 

event_connectThe visitor applies his entrance ticket (badge) with a bar code to the scanner, on the screen of which you see his data, business profile, purchasing power and food interests.

  1. You can start a dialogue, knowing the level and needs of your future customer.
  2. On the leadscanner screen, the Visitor gets acquainted with the catalog of your goods, services, special offers.
  3. In your personal area on the exhibition site, the contact information about the Visitor, his interests and preferences, the finished survey results are formed.

This gives your trade show booth managers the essential information about your prospects: their names, companies, positions and what products they are interested in. You can immediately identify the target visitor within the crowd, identify their needs, send them advertising and information materials by email, including price lists, and negotiate a better deal.

Thus, it is:

  • more profitable than hiring additional staff
  • more efficient than manually processing hundreds of paper questionnaires and business cards
  • faster than waiting for reports
  • easier and more convenient for your visitors - all your catalogs will be available in their personal area

To connect MosBuild Connect or to receive additional information, please contact [email protected] or call +7 (499) 750 08 28 ext. 4119

* You can apply for one or several terminals at once. The recommended number of terminals on the stand is 1 unit per 20 square meters. The number of terminals is limited, and an additional order may not be possible. Technical service is provided by an authorised N-Connect provider.

To connect the Service or to receive additional information to [email protected] or call +7 (499) 750 08 28 ext. 4119

* You can apply for one or several leadscanners at once. The recommended number of scanners on the stand is 1 unit per 20 square meters.
Technical service is provided by an authorized N-Connect provider.