Online conference «Smart City: Architecture, Development, Technologies»

On August 20, at 12.00, an online conference «Smart City: Architecture, Development, Technologies» will be held. It is organised by the International Building and Interiors Trade Show MosBuild, the Department for International Trade of Great Britain and the Skillbox online university.

The idea of a «Smart City» implies a considerable increase in the people’s quality of life based on the implementation of innovational technologies which bring the real and the virtual together. The speakers will use real cases of implementation and approach in Russia and the UK to show how a «smart city» «works» in architecture, development and technologies.

At the conference you will learn: what kind of approach the architects apply in construction of buildings. What technologies of «smart city» can help in creating and managing this kind of public spaces. What instruments allow the city planners and architects develop the city, foresee and correct the mistakes. How to unlock the potential of territories.

Speakers: Christos Passas, ZHA; Andrey Asadov, the Asadov Bureau; Nikolay Pereslegin, Kleinewelt Architekten; Oliver Smith, Partner at Gillespies «Public and Recreational Spaces After the Pandemic: Safety, Adaptivity, Socialisation»; Evgeny Spiryakov, Director of Operations of the Polymeric Membranes and PIR department at the TechnoNICOL Corporation; representatives of the PSN Group company, representatives of the «Connected Places Catapult» company; Grigory Mustafin, the Genplan Institute of Moscow; Timur Bashkaev, ABTB; Maurice Rosario, Scott Brownrigg, and others.


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Online University​ Skillbox 

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Forum “Window 360 °. Trends. Design. Technology."

The forum will take place on July 9 from 11.00 to 15.00 in an online format. 
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MosBuild Online programme, which took place on April 20-24, was great success and provided direct access to the practical insights of the top experts in architecture, light design and interior design for business development and professional growth. The key speakers of the business programme, that were much anticipated at the show, agreed to transfer their talk to MosBuild Online format.
Jenny Osuldsen, a landscape architect and the head of several projects in the Snøhetta architectural bureau in Norway, and Cutu Mazuelos, a designer and a co-founder of Stone designs, have taken part in the business programme for the first time.

During this difficult time MosBuild brings the industry together and remains the platform for professional experience and ideas exchange 365 days a year. If you would like to become a partner of the upcoming online events, please contact [email protected].

The programme will be insightful for:
Architects / Interior designers / Light designers

What we discussed at MosBuild Online:

  • How the economic situation, social relations, rapidly developing technologies and the ever-changing consumer tastes influence the job of an architect.

  • The ways in which offline and online education in interior design will be evolving.

  • What formats of design bureaus will be in demand.

  • How the light design is going to change with the new needs in lighting and new competences of a light designer.

The business programme includes:
3 tracks / 21 webinars / 35 speakers



Key talk:

“Architecture like the product of its time, and the influence of the pandemic”
Jenny Osuldsen, the head of several projects in the architectural bureau Snøhetta in Norway

Lectures of the ARCHITECTURE track​
  • Welcome talk by Alexander Zmeul, the forum moderator, “The architect and new reality”
  • Q&A session “New skills of an architect”
  • “Architect and new technologies”
  • “How to organize remote work of a project engineering bureau and not to lose clients”
  • “Myths and reality in parametric design”
  • “Architecture online portfolio review”
  • “Launch of MADA award for architects”


Key talk:

How to be an effective leader of international projects”
Cutu Mazuelos, co-founder of Stone designs, designer

Lectures of the INTERIOR DESIGN track​
  • Round table: “Education in design: current challenges and growth opportunities”
  • “Colour in Tikkurila”
  • “Job of a designer in new reality”
  • “First steps in the profession: how to start working and where an aspiring designer is to look for orders”
  • “Value of design, or New skills of a designer”
  • “New business formats for design studios. Ways of growth: ready projects, franchise, layouts”
  • “Market for design services. New reality and latest trends”
  • Transformation of business through personal brand”


Key talk:

Q&A with light designer Ilya Potyomin, with the support of “INTERIOR+DESIGN”
Ilya Potyomin, Russian-Italian designer

Lectures of the LIGHT DESIGN track

  • Public talk “Light in the age of changes: new needs in lighting and new skills of a light designer”
  • Professional discussion “Direction of light: two ways of development of lighting and lifestyle”

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online university Skillbox

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