SPACE 2.0: The living space of the future

Space 2.0 is a flagship project of the MosBuild 2020 exhibition, demonstrating the R&D trends of the next 10-15 years.
Space 2.0 will be constructed in the MosBuild 2020 exhibition pavilion.
The curator of the Space 2.0 project is a famous Russian industrial designer and visionary Vladimir Pirozhkov, who has been engaged with innovations in Toyota and Citroen for a long time. Together with a team of architecture students who won the future living space concept competition, he will build Space 2.0 in one of the pavilions of MosBuild 2020.


Mikhail Beylin and Daniil Nikishin, founders of the CITIZENSTUDIO bureau, one of the most talked about young bureaus in Moscow, are the architects of the project. Daniil and Mikhail have created several well-known projects exploring the architecture of the future. In 2018, the bureau represented Russia at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale in the national pavilion.



Space 2.0 at the MosBuild 2020 is a 70 m2 big module, representing 3 principal trends of the living space of the future:

  • Transformation and zoning based on personal needs
  • Smart technologies - smart home and security
  • ​Self-sufficiency - growing food and recycling

Zoning in Space 2.0:

  • Private farm for a future man to grow his own food
  • A block for comfortable life, combining a kitchen and a working space
  • Hygiene and health block, functioning as a gym, a bathroom and a home clinic
  • Sleep capsule



An open digital arena will be built separately, designated for the partners of the project to talk about their technologies and materials in more detail. The visitors will be able to test all the choices throughout the days of the exhibition. After it’s finished, all the partners will receive a 3D tour with the mentioning of their products.

The target audience of Space 2.0 are interior designers, architects, construction engineers, developers, people having a say in the choice of equipment, technologies and content of the living space.  

Become a partner of Space 2.0 project and integrate your concepts in the house of the future at MosBuild 2020!


To know more about the project email the business programme producer Maria Barulina: [email protected]

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Sponsorship and Special Projects Manager 
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