MosBuild Decorium

MosBuild Decorium is a multi-format platform that connects textile, paint, wallpaper and decor elements manufacturers with interior designers, architects and design opinion leaders.

Decorium at MosBuild

The project was presented at the MosBuild 2022 exhibition. Decorium included the Lecture hall and 4 trend zones designed by famous Russian designers. Each trend zone was dedicated to one of the types of products: wallpaper, textiles, paints and decor elements. Partner: ELLE DECORATION magazine.

Decorium project at the MosBuild exhibition
Trend zone Wallpaper, Decorium at MosBuild
Trend zone Textiles, Decorium project
Trend zone Textiles, Decorium at MosBuild
Trend zone Decor elemets, Decorium at MosBuild
Trend zone Paints, Decorium at MosBuild
Trend zone Paints, Decorium project
Lecture hall for designers, Decorium at MosBuild

Decorium authors

Eduard Eremchuk

Eduard Eremchuk, one of the brightest young architects in Russia — the author of the Decorium zone and the Paints trend zone


Daria Vasilkova

Daria Vasilkova, founder of the Art Group design studio. The basis of the philosophy of the bureau: "design outside the framework and formalities". The author of the Textile trend-zone


Gleb Skubachevsky

Gleb Skubachevsky, a famous Russian artist, included in the TOP-100 of the best contemporary artists in Russia according to Arteex — the author of the Wallpaper trend zone

Viktor Dembovsky

Viktor Dembovsky, designer, historian of architecture and design, lecturer at the British School of Design — the author of the trend zone "Decor", made in cooperation with the "Evroplast" company

Alexey Dorozhkin

Alexey Dorozhkin, editor-in-chief of ELLE DECORATION, the curator of the Decorium project

The Lecture hall for designers of the Decorium project hosted a rich four-day business program, in which famous Russian designers took part. See the photo album "Decorium Lecture Hall">>>

Decorium 365

Decorium 365 is a series of events, webinars and guided tours that take place throughout the year outside of the exhibition. Go to Decorium 365 page>>>

MosBuild Decorium for the exhibitors is:

  • a contact with the audience of the exhibition throughout the year
  • a native integration into MosBuild content
  • an additional attention to the stand at the exhibition