MosBuild is Russia's largest Building and Interiors Trade Show. In 2023, 1,025 exhibitors participated, and 80,696 construction, decoration, and renovation professionals visited the exhibition. MosBuild 2023 exhibitors shared their views of the exhibition.

Sergey Yelnikov, VEKA Rus

"I'll be honest: MosBuild is an exhibition that has no competitor in the Russia's construction sector. I felt placed in a time machine that transported me back to 2012, a period of serious economic recovery in Russia. At the 2023 event, there was a sense of being taken back in time in terms of the optimistic interest."

Vladislav Kozlov, Damy Floor

"This is where we meet our target audience. MosBuild is a wonderful platform! Today MosBuild is one of the largest events in Eastern Europe and Russia, and I think in the future it will continue to grow and expand."

Anna Shorina, Espocada

"It was a pleasure to be part of this edition. It was wonderful to experience the event numbers going up; and it is clear that there was more visitors at this edition. We love seeing visitors excited with their visit as they can see so many products at the show!"

Pavel Ivanenko, REHAU

"The experience of living through Covid and the post-Covid era has made it clear that people have missed tremendously face-to-face interactions. On the one hand, Covid boosted various online formats and remote working. On the other hand, the pendulum is now starting to swing in a slightly different direction and towards other people's preferences. Our employees and partners increasingly want to communicate in person to establish personal contact. This is why we participate in the exhibition, above all for the opportunity of in-person conversations with our partners and customers.”

Anton Elistratov, Manders

"The exhibition is amazing! Our objectives were to reestablish ourselves and tell the world that we are working and active in the market; to show new products; to give people a chance to see new products and to listen to speakers with whom contact has been lost since the pandemic."

Marina Petrova, Orac Russia

"The contacts were excellent, and the number of visitors is much higher compared to previous years. We are pleased with our participation in this year's exhibition: there were a lot more exhibitors and visitors. There are a lot of beautiful stands. The exhibition is worth continuing to take part in it!"

Yuri Pliskin, Aristo

"It was one of the best MosBuild exhibitions in recent times, there were a lot of visitors at the stand. These were targeted contacts: designers, architects and, of course, potential franchisee partners."

Boris Durmanov, Neopolis Casa

"We usually participate in furniture exhibitions, but this year, we decided to try MosBuild. We were pleasantly surprised by the result because the audience is absolutely what we target: it includes Moscow and regional designers as well as retail clients. We saw many of our own and new partners from the regions here".

Maria Lynina, Maytoni

"We participate in this event every year, and every year, we try to make an interesting stand. We try to make it interesting for the visitors and to be a jewel of this exhibition, too. We are very happy that all the other exhibitors and visitors also regard this event as the most important event of the year for our subject, for design, and for builders."

Marina Melikhova, FINEX

"Taking part in MosBuild helps us broaden our horizons and increase the number of partners, as there are many regional visitors. Meeting them is one of our aims and objectives for participating, and of course, we want to show some of our most expensive, interesting and unique collections."

Anastasia Kompaniets, Brass

"We are very pleased to be participating in MosBuild. We have met many new future partners and customers. Furniture manufacturers and designers are here, as are construction organisations interested in our range of fittings. This covers a large number of different customers, which is naturally an advantage for us."