‘Art’ — AM-Group Showroom Concept in 2023

Trend Gallery by AM-Group is a unique platform created together with AM-Group. The goal of the project is to demonstrate the latest trend currents in bathroom equipment, finished design solutions and ideas for bathroom decoration in cooperation with top Russian designers.

Collaboration with Designers and Architects

Trend Gallery by AM-Group will consist of several sections created using plumbing products of such Italian brands as the.artceram, Cisal, Stella, Bertocci, MOMA design, Treesse. The AM-Group showroom will be designed by experienced and aspiring designers. The authors of two parts of Trend Gallery will be the winners of the competitions held by AM-Group together with the International Design School and APEX HOUSE.

Authors of the concept MosBuild TREND GALLERY BY AM-GROUP

Authors of the concept Trend Gallery by AM-Group

Pavel Zheleznov and Ivan Pozdnyakov
(P+Z Design Bureau)