A Special Project at Mosbuild 2021 Attracted Particularly Large Number of Guests

All four days of the exhibition, there was a queue of people wishing to get inside it for an excursion near the "house of the future".

Project participants

  • Mikhail Beilin, Daniil Nikishin - architecture
  • Vlad Oblasov - lighting design
  • Ekaterina Glazkova - equipment
  • Project curator Vladimir Pirozhkov

Depending on your request, the house will “turn” into a bedroom, then into an office, then into a kitchen, where you will make salads from vegetables and herbs grown in it. And all this is easy to implement today.

The essence of the project is to show the house of the future with the help of achievements and innovations of various companies under one roof and to suggest in which direction the dwelling will change in the near future. It turns out that soon the house will adapt the needs and habits of the person who lives in it. And technology will make everyday life easier. For example, lighting will "reflect" to your mood, and you will not wake up from the sound of an alarm clock, but from the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Подсветка Space 2.0 - MosBuild 2021

Mikhail Beilin and Daniil Nikishin: “Any place in the house can become isolated or shared. Perhaps this was the main spatial solution of project. And it is no coincidence that the center of the apartment is the sleeping area. The space of sleep, the time of sleep and its quality seem to us the most important in the life of a modern person. We made a special emphasis on this, in some way repeating the idea of ​​Konstantin Melnikov and his house, and in general the scientific attention of the great Russian architect to sleep."

Проект Space 2.0 - MosBuild 2021

The project is 90 sq. m consisted of seven functional areas. In the center of the composition is the bedroom. The rest of the rooms are located around it in a ring. They are located behind sliding panels that can be opened and closed, turning the entire space into any functional area. The interior functioned in two modes: day and night. Lighting and climate control scenarios were developed for them. The interior was filled with "smart" things, many of which are more convenient to control using a smartphone.

Entrance to the House

The main function that this zone performed was to control the "smart home". Lighting, ventilation, security scenarios were set here. In the Space 2.0 project, the Anima Home system was developed by the Russian company technologico. The servers and controllers of the system can be installed directly in the electrical panel, controlled using a voice assistant or a mobile application.

Домашняя ферма - MosBuild 2021

Storage, Equipment, Vegetable Garden

Storage systems were also located at the entrance. The living space could be accessed from the hallway through a swing door. Sliding wardrobes were located along the wall (door leaf LK "White Lux" with an automated sliding mechanism). The color and texture of the cabinet doors repeated the finish of the wall (technologies developed by ProfilDoors).

A home farm was in one of the corner sections in the same area. Mini-green house was designed to grow greens and vegetables and equipped with an ultrasonic humidification system Contronics company Condair, which created a veil of moisture. Thanks to the artificial fog, vegetables will stay fresh and juicy for longer.

The storage area also contained household appliances: the Fashion Master folding steam ironing system from Miele and the Triflex vacuum cleaner of the same brand (during cleaning, it moves along the route specified in the application on the smartphone).

For the utility area in the hallway , Miele also provided:

  • Washing machine W1 Passion WWV980 WPS;
  • Dryer T1 Passion TWV680 WP Passion;
  • Steam Ironing System Fashion Master B 3847;
  • Cordless Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Triflex HX Pro;
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner Scout RX2 Home Vision - SLQLO 30.

Work and Leisure

A separate niche was designed for the recreation area, a sofa and a coffee table were placed in it. A compact built-in luminaire with a swivel mechanism was integrated into the “smart home” system, the light was consumed pointwise, strictly as needed.

Зона отдыха - Space 2.0 MosBuild 2021

Since the space was mainly intended for relaxation, the architects chose materials that were pleasant to the touch. Eco-friendly paints with a satin or silk effect were used to paint the walls - the updated line of bestsellers Harmony (deep matte interior paint), Joker (matte interior paint) and Remontti- A ssa (semi-matte interior paint) by the Finnish brand Tikkurila.

Кабинет Space 2.0

Company Tikkurila also provided for the project:

  • Matt Interior Paint Luja 7 with protection against mildew and mildew.
  • Semi-Matt Interior Paint Luja 20 with protection against mildew and mildew.
  • Semi-Gloss Interior Paint Luja 40 with protection against mildew and mildew; primer Tikkurila Luja Yleispohjamaali
  • Semi-Matt Antimicrobial Interior Paint Argentum 20.
  • Water-Based Glossy Lacquer Kiva 70 for furniture.
  • Façade Acrylate universal acrylate paint for mineral and wood surfaces.

Cooking, Eating

The kitchen has been made as compact and extremely functional as possible. An ergonomic kitchen unit stretches along the wall - the Feel model of the German factory Nolte Küchen. Smooth kitchen fronts - without handles (Matrix Art system), a profile illumination was built into the set, the shades of which could be adjusted (for example, change from warm to cold). When the kitchen block was not in use, it was hidden behind a sliding panel, and the room turned into a full-fledged dining room with a dining group.

Кухня в проекте Space 2.0

The kitchen was fully equipped with smart home appliances from the German brand Miele. Among the appliances that the space was equipped with: Oven H7860 BPX GRGR; Evacuator EVS 7010 GRGR; Built-in Refrigerator-Freezer Combination KFN 37692 iDE ;, Dishwasher G7960scvi, Freestanding Coffee Machine CM 7750, Hob KMDA7774-1FR combination Steamer DGC7840X GRGR. The coffee machine could be set to automatically prepare morning coffee - just in time. The oven indicated whether a food was cooked in the cooking compartment by transmitting an image from the inside to the smartphone (Food View function), while the combi steamer suggested the best food combinations for those using the automatic Mix & Match programs.

Sleep zone

The sleep zone became the heart of the house. In the Space 2.0 project, the bedroom could be easily isolated - covered with panels that served as a kind of curtain. The bedroom had a climate control system: air humidification was carried out using Condair HumiLife equipment. This is a patented Swiss development responsible for the complex moisturizing of the house. A single control unit distributes the purified water to the humidification modules and maintains the set humidity in all rooms. The system is hygienic and silent, controlled from a smartphone.

Экскурсии по дому будущего - MosBuild 2021

Hygiene Area

The ergonomic hygiene area included a shower room and a separate toilet. At the same time, the Roca compact shower stall has become a real home spa. A small Condair Omega steam generator was installed in the bathroom, which could easily turned a room into hammam. The bathroom is equipped with a designer Shower -Toilet Cleanel Riva - a recent know-how of Laufen. Plumbing is "smart" - it analyzes how much water is needed and switches off automatically when not in use. A Curvetonic infrared mixer was installed in the Tam Tom floor-standing sink by Laufen (electronic, with temperature control) of the same brand, "reading" the presence of a person.

Экскурсии по дому будущего - MosBuild 2021
Душевая - Space 2.0 - MosBuild 2021
Сантехника Laufen - MosBuild 2021

For the Bathroom, Laufen also provided:

  • Freestanding washbasin with pedestal Alessi One 52 x 53 cm, LCC finish
  • LEELO mirror with LED-backlight
  • Electronically controlled Smart Shower thermostatic mixer (up to 3 water connections)
  • Helios shower tray (1000 x 900, with siphon and grate)
  • Bathroom furniture and accessories (stool, towel holder, shelves, rack, glass - K BY Laufen)
  • Towel holder and shelf for towels Tempo.

The project also applied:

  • FiNEX Handcrafted Arte Tech 15.5 engineering board (floor)
  • Giovanni porcelain stoneware (gray light, matte with sugar effect) - Unitile Group, Gracia Ceramica brand (floor)
  • Material for interior design Cleaf Piombo by Alf Market.

For the unique Space 2.0 project, the companies Condair, Finex, Miele, ProfildDoors, Roca, Technologico, Tikkurila, Chateau de Wessel provided their products. With their products, it really looked like the home of the future, as the architects wanted it to be. But it is especially pleasant that the project turned out to be real, not paper based. This means that the future is not far off.

MosBuild 2022 Exhibition will take place from March 29 to April 1 at Crocus Expo IEC