4 days, 7 sites, 70+ events, 150+ speakers. Plan your visit in advance!

The business program of MosBuild exhibition has long become a must-attend meeting place for experts in architecture, construction, and decoration. Speakers of MosBuild event are always reputable experts, well known in the professional environment.

MosBuild 2021 will not be an exception. Business program events will run non-stop during all four days of the exhibition, and international experts who cannot fly in person will perform live, so the audience will even have the opportunity to personally ask questions to the stars architecture and design. This is a content which can’t be missed!

March 30

DIY forum

The annual DIY forum is a closed event that will last for the whole day. The largest DIY retailers will take part in forum: Vse Instrumenti, Leroy Merlin, OZON, Petrovich, Yandex. Keynote speaker - John Herbert, General Secretary of the European DIY Retailers Association.

Conference halls G, F (pav. 1)


5 questions to the top manager

At the Q&A session, Alexey Kuteinikov, CEO of ForumHouse, will talk with top managers of companies leading in the building and finishing materials market. The series of interviews will feature Andrey Kulesh (Alta-Profile), Andrey Taranushich (Veka Rus), Pavel Ivanenko (Rehau), Anton Peshkov (Tikkurila Russia and Central Asia), Irina Bernshtein (Condair Russia), Andrey Nezhkin (Ondulin) .

Building Innovation Zone (Pav. 2, Hall 8)


Workspace organization

What will the office look like in the near future? What modern technologies are offered by designers and suppliers to better organize the workspace. What are the solutions? Architectural critic Evgeniya Mikulina (ex-editor-in-chief of AD magazine) will discuss this topic with architects who specialize in office design.

Architectural lecture hall (pav. 2, hall 7)


Perfect Home Multi project

The presentation of the Perfect Home Multi project will be attended by the chief architect of the project Boris Voskoboynikov, as well as the authors of all interiors designed in the “ideal house”: Diana Balashova, Anastasia Panibratova, Anna and Alexander Krause, Tatyana Gorshkova, Boris Uborevich-Borovsky, Zhenya Zhdanova, Anna Muravina, Yulia Selivanova and Lidia Mikaelyan.

Design Arena (pav. 3, hall 14)


How Space 2.0 was created

The roundtable will be attended by architects Mikhail Beilin and Daniil Nikishin, lighting designer Vlad Oblasov and General Director of Technologico Vyacheslav Kalugin.

Lecture hall Space 2.0 (pav. 3, hall 13)


#thisisus - lecture by Italian architects

How can an architect use the tools of an industrial designer in his work? And what distinguishes an architect who designs interior items? Italian architects Sandro Menegello and Marco Paolelli will tell the audience about this.

Design Arena (pav. 3, hall 14)


Translucent structures in architecture

Art critic Maria Troshina preparing a discussion with experts on innovative translucent structures. Why is there so little use of “smart” glass in Russia?

Architectural lecture hall (pav. 2, hall 7)


March 31

Public talk with Alex Eli

Alex Ely - Founder of Mæ Architects, Urban Design Specialist, Advisor to the Mayor of London. The meeting will be moderated by Alexander Zmeul, editor-in-chief of the portal.

Architectural lecture hall (pav. 2, hall 7)


How to build the perfect home?

The plenary session will include four discussions with the participation of architects and developers. How has the role of the architect in the creation of housing changed today? How can you build quality with limited resources? How do architects understand the real needs of modern citizens? How has modern technology changed the architect's work?

Architectural lecture hall (pav. 2, hall 7)


Lighting design of the future

Practitioners will discuss what is the responsibility of a lighting designer and what trends in lighting design will be relevant in the near future. The discussion was organized jointly with the MARCH School of Architecture. Moderator Ivan Fedyanin.

Lecture hall Space 2.0 (pav. 3, hall 13)


Lecture by Patricia Urquiola

A lecture by the most famous designer of our time, live broadcast from Milan, perhaps, will be the key event of the day.

Design Arena (pav. 3, hall 14)


Green building

The Green Building plenary session will be moderated by Guy Eames, Chairman of RuGBC. The discussion will be attended by Svetlana Bik, Project Manager for Sustainable Development Infrastructure and Finance, and Valery Telichenko, President of MGSU.

Building innovation zone (pav. 2, hall 8)


Lecture by Olga Kosyreva

Olga Kosyreva is one of the few design critics who personally know most of those she talks about. She visited many of them and interviewed them. Founder of her own design lecture hall.

Design Arena (pav. 3, hall 14)


April 1

International projects in the regions

Architect Pierre Moreau, a graduate of the Milan and Helsinki Polytechnic Universities, will share his design experience with the visitors of the exhibition.

Design Arena (pav. 3, hall 14)


30 questions for an architect This year the ABD architectural bureau turns 30 years old. By analogy with the date, the format of the meeting was invented, at which Boris Levyant, founder and CEO of ABD, will give an interview.

Architectural lecture hall (pav. 2, hall 7)


Synthesis of arts or machine for housing

Speaker Ayrat Bagautdinov, historian of architecture, author of the project "Moscow through the eyes of an engineer", will tell how the townspeople imagined an ideal home in the last hundred years.

Lecture hall Space 2.0 (pav. 3, hall 13)


Photo zones

This year, the exhibition will feature two photo zones: Flammen by Diana Balashova and Hansgrohe by UB.Design. On April 1, excursions around the exhibition will take place, starting from these zones.

Flammen Photo Zone (Hall 2, Hall 8, Stand 7127)


Hansgrohe Photo Zone (Hall 3, Hall 14, Stand F2041)


Nordic light

What principles are followed in Scandinavia when choosing lighting for the home? And how do you organize the interior properly? Presentation of Frida Ramstedt's book “Make yourself at home” is full of practical advice in simple language. Don’t miss this presentation.

Design Arena (pav. 3, hall 14)


MosBuild Awards Ceremony

The best products at the exhibition were selected by two juries. We will announce the voting results of the invited jury, as well as the opinion of the professional community.

Building innovation zone (pav. 2, hall 8)


April 2

Remote work in design

The round table will be devoted to the issues faced by most of us, being cut off from the outside world in a pandemic. How, in such a situation, is it possible to competently construct the process of design, assembly and carry out field supervision?

Lecture hall Space 2.0 (pav. 3, hall 13)


Interior for rent

The editorial staff of Salon interior magazine organizes Public talk with designer Igor Kurkin.

Design Arena (pav. 3, hall 14)



On the final day of the exhibition, many events will be addressed to young architects. In the morning, a discussion will take place, at which experts will discuss what skills a modern architect need. Then - public defense of projects nominated for the MADA Prize, which will end with a solemn award ceremony.

Architectural lecture hall (pav. 2, hall 7)

14:00 - awards ceremony

Special projects

Do not forget to visit the special projects MosBuild 2021, which will be open to visitors all four days of the exhibition. All projects were developed and implemented by renowned architects and designers using materials presented at MosBuild. See how modern solutions can play in interiors when they fall into the hands of professionals.

Perfect Home Multi - pav. 2, hall 8

Space 2.0 - pav. 3, hall 13

MosBuild Trend Gallery by AM-Group - pav. 3, hall 14 .

All events will be held in strict accordance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, as well as international professional organizations UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) and AEO (Association of Event Organizers).