Authors of the MosBuild Decorium design project talk about their views on the project and contemporary exhibitions

Eduard Yeremchuk, one of the brightest young architects in Russia, works all over the world today, and his projects are published by the most respected professional media, including ELLE DECORATION, Archdaily, INTERIOR+DESIGN, and others. His artwork can also be seen by the visitors to MosBuild 2022 as he designed the Decorium special project area and the “Colours” trend zone for our exhibition. His project partner is Katya Pyatitskaya, interior designer and founder of the Laroque brand. While the project is in progress, we asked the architects about the main trends in global exhibition space design and what the Decorium special project area will look like.

Eduard Yeremchuk
Katya Pyatitskaya

On the world's top trends in exhibition space design

Previously, the main idea of an exhibition was usually to highlight the subject. And that was good enough. But times have now changed. It is important to create a new experience and interactivity, to engage visitors, and to create the effect of surprising space. The brand itself is embedded in the memory and of course the more interesting the space, the greater the media outreach - both physically and virtually. The space should be very photogenic and with good illumination.

MosBuild Decorium

On the design concept of the Decorium Lecture Hall

What colour is the sky? The answer seems obvious - blue. If you look at the sea, forest or desert carefully, you'll notice that a monocoloured landscape is made up of many shades of the same colour. The colour of the sea, for example, is shades of blue-green to deep blue. Artists paint in different shades on their artwork to create the illusion of reality. We took the picture of a sunset seascape - with shades of grey orange, pink.

Decorium at MosBuild 2022

About colour and tactile schemes


The grey pixel layout allows us to see how many millions of shades are actually around us. There will also be a nice velour curtain with the same layout at the entrance. All areas that need to be covered we will cover with these curtains.

The furniture in the lecture hall will be painted in sunset orange gradient shades.

Lecture hall Decorium
Decorium special project


Creating the effect of entering a meta-universe where the user dissolves into millions of Photoshop shades. All colours are finished with the brand's paintwork, allowing us to see its capabilities. There is furniture in addition. All angles are right A lightbox with the same print will work, or we can install an LED screen with the same layout moving.

Paint Area
Paint Area at MosBuild Decorium

Decorium special project at MosBuild 2022

Lecture hall and 4 trend zones created by famous Russian designers. Each trend zone is dedicated to one type of product: light, wallpaper, textiles, and paints. Zone partner: ELLE DECORATION magazine.


MosBuild 2022 will be held on 29 March – 1 April 2022 at Crocus Expo IEC.

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